Daily login rewards

I think adding Daily login rewards would be a good way to help with player retention I spent quite a bit of time thinking of stuff that would be nice rewards upon log in that aren’t just straight up dram/exp or small reward chests which we already get too many of, which will also help get people playing the game more by giving bonuses to activities rather than just log in to collect reward and log out again until the next day, some rewards may not suit everyone but it should hopefully help improve player activity and getting people online more

Daily rewards upon login, rewards get better as you log in multiple times in a row, resets if you miss a day, rewards those that play everyday the most but still rewarding to everyone and helps encourage logging in

Milestone rewards are permanent, you progress every time you log in, if you miss a day progress does not reset, encourages players to log in but doesn’t punish casual players or players with busy lives that can’t always log in every day, most loyal players get the best increases overtime

This sort of this is used in F2P games all the time and it works

Would be interested in what others think and if there are any other rewards which could be added to go alongside these ones


This is really well thought out, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Im interested to see what others in the community think of this idea. For the everyday and long term players do the rewards seem right/ worthwhile? For the more casual player would the rewards make you think of logging in?

Any other suggestions for rewards?


This long time player very much likes this. All of this.


I like the idea of this, but I really disagree with direct stat bonuses as rewards. A new player realizing they are at a disadvantage to other players not because of gear, but because they simply don’t have enough days logged in is demoralizing, and increases the already considerable skill gap a player must overcome. I would consider +crit, +crit damage, +move speed, and +weight (from the bonuses included here) to be unacceptable, especially due to their influence on PvP (overworld and battlegrounds).


I like the idea of getting rewarded for logging in every day. I feel like most of it perfectly balanced except for the drop rate increase on Overworld legendaries as we don’t want to make them too common now. But other than that I feel like the rewards for the log in streak are fair and balanced for the number of log ins required.


As a nearly-daily player I should welcome this, however I got mixed feelings. I never liked the pressure daily login rewards or whatever tasks in games requiring constant monitoring put on my rl. I have to travel for work, for example, and I won’t buy a Quest and carry a box with me everywhere and pack it out on the hotel-toilet in a hurry or such, just to not loose my streak. Same with family constraints. I’d have to stop multi-day visits, currently to care for a sick family member (with very crappy internet :wink: ), just to maintain my ‘streak’ or pile up days.
I played mobile games like these, which is easier, even pc games are, but a VR game isn’t so easy to maintain daily, it would stress me out. So yea, I tend to max out games, but would really hate to have to revolve my whole rl around Orbus even more to get certain rewards.

However I would be fine with models where it either
a) is possible to maintain a streak without actually logging in daily; there IS a reward already for logging in every 5 days, only after this period it “breaks” because you do not get more tokens; a login every 3d would likely be ok, too (not all trivial though; I lost my market stall once because I really could not), everything below is pure stress.
Also I could imagine - and know it from some games - that you can play more on weekends or such, or do special tasks, to earn tokens which can preserve a streak despite absence, ex. holidays.
Edit: The Milestones-Concept I overread on first sight, it is a bit softer, I like it better than a break of streaks - and yet it still does reward regularity, most of all. I refuse to call a daily login “loyal” … due to rl it is not in everyone’s free own choice to show ‘loyalty’ in that way, even if they wished. Also 100s of days seem too long, what is in 300 or 500 days, no one knows how the game looks in a year or more, will rewards even be worthwhile, not even devs can likely tell now.

b) where rewards are nice, but not really game changing; additional resources, fish or mission credits, even dyes (left box), why not. However, I would absolutely need and love additional weight or luck or speed, for example, not even to speak about crit, but giving something like these out for people lucky enough to have a rl which allows such regularity, in a vr game, seems not fair to me.
If someone plays same amount in hours, just piled up on free days or weekends, rather than weekdays, he should have access to such valuable kinds of rewards as well (as it is with overlevels already where it does not matter if you binge-play for them or pile them up regularly).

Storage Chest Space: This is no fancy addon, it is the #1 reason I can not play anymore and consider quitting every now and then. I can barely store shards anymore (ex. new dungeons, which we only do in batches, once in a while, so they pile), I stopped fishing, I stopped collecting dyes, I stopped dragon breeding, I barely keep gear for stats anymore (to put on yet-to get class gear later…), I delete many things I would otherwise keep, I can not organize things the way I want.
This is urgent since the very launch of Reborn. It should come already, just so, for everyone, we need 2 tabs or more, for dram or free, not locked behind any fancy quest or feature.


That’s already the case to some extent, I have +500 Luck, +10% increased mount speed and +5 extra weight already from overlevel perks, sure, they can grind events/exp for hundreds/thousands of hours if they want them which is something they control and choose, but I don’t really see this as much different as it still takes time playing the game to get, well apart from the crit/crit dmg which is a new addition

What would you suggest instead?


Have you filled your main, alt, and alt’s guild banks? That’s 840 slots with those 3 main chests + you have the other chests for alchemy/lure etc. You probably still have options :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah I totally agree, we need more space, it’s annoying to have stuff you need on your alt, I would love to throw more dram away to get more space or something

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Yup idk how often we had this convo yet, of course I have; yet lots of stuff is not transferrable in the first place, plus all these possibilities are horrible workarounds (walkin to the alt’s guild chest all the time?? really?? also, my alt is an active player btw …) since there’s no easy and fast way to transfer. Things I never use or need again I don’t need to store either.

I slowly think I should really take some blurry pictures about what I am talking about… you don’t do shards anymore right and if so not with random groups of all skill levels… I got 2 tabs of (higher level) shards alone, from this and can’t easily proceed with groups not capable to do those for example we regularly lack tanks to tank certain shards; and neither I wanna break down something like a level 9 or 8.

The fact that no one considered giving out more space at the very launch of Reborn, where a ton of new items were introduced and OG players who were vendors etc. already arrived with full chests, alone should make people think. But this is really OT lets continue it in another thread if ppl are interested (btw I am not the only one from the OG having this issue; ppl barely login anymore who are in same situation, what for, if you can not keep stuff you play for anyway).

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This is a great idea!

It’s a great idea, but I don’t agree with giving + Crit or + Crit Damage as a login reward. This goes directly against not punishing casual players for not being able to login every day. Also, I would make that amazing transmog the last milestone reward. All the others (besides the mount) can only be seen by you, but everyone that sees you have the 500 day armor would know all the things that you have achieved (all the other milestones).

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I like the idea in general too just some nit picks here and there.

The login streak needs to be either more lenient than every day log in as some days life gets in the way so like a 3 day period would be a good middle ground - basically what Metris said. Or the log in rewards are just not as influential as 2x drops and increased overworld drop chance so I don’t feel punished if I can’t play for 1 day and have to completely restart earning the streak for the week.

The Milestone rewards look good but some rewards feel unfair. + luck, out of combat move speed, xp gain, weight, more mission tokens, transmogs/mount and addition storage space all sounds fine or are already in game.
+crit dmg/chance is more of a direct bonus to combat that could feel unfair/discouraging to new players.

Overall this looks pretty cool.


Yeah this makes sense seeing as VR is somewhat less accessible than mobile games and such which often use this type of method to get people to open their app, this would be a good middle ground

Any thoughts on what could replace the + crit chance/crit dmg I think if something was to replace it? Then most people would probably be happy with the milestones

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Honestly even more storage space would be great as going of your plan the +5% crit dmg is 350 days into the rewards. after that much time you probably need another tab for storage.

Also… wait for it, wait for it…

A cool transmog for the Wrist slot ! a working watch could be cool. similar to how you can flex a Rolex IRL, or just for an easier way to see in game time that can be good for fishing.


How does this look? altered the milestone rewards to get rid of crit and change the order slightly and reduced the % on the overworld legendaries slightly

I’m still open to any other ideas/feedback though


Maybe … I just had an idea. You could use item crate as part of this system. Say an item crate contains an increased chance of a cosmetic item?

As far as the loggin system, I’m completely for it. This would encourage activity. That and give players a reason to log in other than weeklies.

Fun toolbelt items (eg. confetti gun), could also be good milestone rewards. Ability to teleport to all teleport pillars would be a cool. Access to a “practice” room where all your classes are set to 30 and you have access to free rune tiles and some dummies to hit and test things out (character reverts to how it was before entering upon exit). Cool, convenient stuff to put in your house, like an alchemy table that heats twice as fast.

These are just off the top of my head, basically rewards that take into account you have experienced most of what the game has to offer, and offer a convenient or fun addition, not just direct power.


Those sound good! I never really thought about anything like that

With this do you mean how we used to be able to teleport to all the pillars via mage? Now that I would love!


Yup, that’s exactly what I meant.


I am always a fan of free stuff for logging in. The chart is a little confusing to me, but put in some flashy lights mixed with a sound effect and I’ll smile. :grinning: