Dev Blog Q&A #1

Hey all, as we announced as one of the measures in this post, we’re starting doing regular monthly Q&A check-in posts where we take some of the questions, concerns, and suggestions of the community and talk about them.

This first time around, we talk about some things like the economy, bugfixing, lighting, QoL improvements, and more.


Looks good! Excited to see what’s to come! I havew a few followup questions xD

Will you consider adding new overlevel perks?
Yes, the original 7 were added as the start to the tree. We have been watching the forums, and especially this thread, for ideas on what the players are interested in. One thing to note: as Mathieu said in the above thread, we don’t want these perks to be combat related. We will continue to take player input on what they would like to see added to the tree, and go from there implementing 1-2 new trees to start.

Looking forward to this! There are 15 perks suggested so far, which are your favourites? What sort of timeline are we likely looking at for the new additional perks? With the DLC? Weeks after DLC? Months after DLC?

Can you make the capes break down into a shards?
We have always thought of the capes as an achievement slot. There is no way to buy a cape without actually accomplishing that achievement (like killing a World Boss, getting the grinder tool cape, finishing the MSQ in game, etc.) and as such we drop capes off of these activities at a higher rate then we do other items, sometimes up to a 100% drop rate, to ensure that players that want that cape to show off their achievement can get it their first time without having to farm over and over. This would prove to be a problem if they were able to be broken down into shards, which can then be sold/traded, as we would need to restrict their drop rates then.

The GRINDING cape isn’t 100% drop chance, it’s fairly rare, could we at least see that one break down into a shard? I can understand the 100% drop chance capes not breaking down into shards but it’s different for the grinder, you have to work hard for that, and getting that cape after already breaking it down is like receiving a drop but then having it taken away from you as you get nothing out of it

Will the lantern be fixed so it lights up better in caves and the mines/halls dungeons? Can you make it so it always shines even when you’re fighting?
While working on the MSP, we have also added a way to change the ambient lighting in specific parts of a zone, and will be applying this to the overworld caves (so for instance inside of Sarrow’s Cave outside of Highsteppe), but this will not be near as dark as the dungeon was. I always thought it felt strange to enter a cave in game but not feel as though I had walked into anything different from the overworld, so this change (while still not as dark as an actual cave) gives you more of a sense of ambiance and entering a new area. I’ve attached a short gif below just to give an idea of what it will look like, and the darkness of the cave.

This looks great! Will it still rain inside caves though? That still happens


This is something even Skyrim/Skyrim VR and some games have a hard time with. As I recall its a engine issue and you can do things to stop it at the cost of performance. It’s easy to deal with when loading into an interior instance to stop it, but not as easy in open worlds. Been a while since I researched the issue so I could be somewhat off. You can see the performance hit on weaker systems when you install the SKyrimVR mod that stops rain from penetrating structures. If you have a bunch of cores with a high clock its no big deal. Would be cool to have the option for PC VR users for sure.


Where do we post questions for consideration? Just as community threads?

when is the next dev event going to be?

I was kinda hoping other people would post questions in the thread I made but it’s kinda just lonely old me


Do you guys add higher shard levels soon?
I didnt see anything about that
Is the new raid maybe a raid to get +6 armor?

New overlevel perks: Sounds great however I never expected this coming out or least not so soon :frowning: - I spent a ton of perks on trees I actually don’t need without even thinking about saving them up for future updates. Now it’s like lost levelups if perk trees come out which are more useful.

So my question: Could you make it a one-time reset of perks on release of the patch, so we can re-distribute our earned perks on all then-available trees? (Would also eventually help some new players who messed them up, but mainly those who only planed with the existing).


I don’t see an argument here since I can’t even think about a place where you can “farm” capes easily… Rarity can just be adjusted as with any armor drop, the capes which come from raid bosses are well worth a glimmering shard, the ones which drop from the grinder are rare enough to yield a blue one, if there’s really super-common capes they can at least give a green shard as you get it from every super-common armor.


What happened to the plan of making capes have a 100% drop chance on first kill it and then never drop again? that was the plan way back from what I remember, so why did that not get implemented for world boss capes and the raid cape?


We’re currently really busy with development on the MSP but we’d like to do a dev hangout event somewhere in the near future. We’ll post some days in advance when that is.

Anywhere is fine, we’ve been picking from all over the forums. It looks like we’ve got tons for the next one too haha even in Rickness’s thread alone.

We’re not planning another shard level increase soon, the last one was very recent. We’ll have more to talk about the raid in the future, after the MSP launch.

This is something that we’d have to discuss internally (re: favorites), I personally like the fishing suggestions but don’t take that as an indication that’s what would get picked. :wink:
No date estimates yet, sorry.

I don’t have any answer about this, but we’ll take your feedback in consideration.

That’s an interesting idea - it would require us to add a whole system to handle that so it’s more programming time, but will keep that in mind for future development if the opportunity fits for us.


Regarding the cave darkness: there appears to be a line where it’s dark until you enter the cave, thus blocking line of sight. Will this “wall” also apply from the inside looking out? Because if not, PvP players can just sit inside caves and murder others walking in or past without any resistance.

It’d need to be inverted at least, with a bright wall of light

That’s a good point, and we’ve since adjusted the distance at which the black fades out by a lot, so you’ll be able to see inside the cave from much further away.

Question is there any chance in the future that there will be added more stuff like arrows, cards, spells, totems, instrument, and things like that to the game to add more variety to classes?

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