Disappointed, unable to kill anything

I’ve played a few hours into the game and while I love the idea, I simply cannot kill any mobs solo. Regardless of my class, I always die. I’ve had the best luck as a musketeer managing to at least kill the deer for over of the first quests. I have been playing MMOs for 10+ years but cannot figure out combat in orbus. I’m using specials, special shots, healing, the flying orb thing and still always die. A chicken killede earlier… I don’t want to give up but I’m rapidly loosing interest. Any tips?

I responded to your other post but just wanted to say the chickens are sneakily powerful it’s kind of a running gag. They will only attack you if you attack them first though. Probably a good idea to remove those from the starter area haha. If you’re unable to kill the Redtails though that would be a problem.


Redtails I’m able to solo about 25% of the time. It’s difficult to get the to pull individually in some spots and there is no way I can kill more than one.

After today’s patch things are much better. The naming convention for muskets is strange, all the ones I’ve gotten are beginners muskets just with different story stats. Be sure to check the stats on each one that drops and switch to the highest.

Little surprises, like the chickens are hard as heck, is fun and keeps things interesting! Please don’t compromise that “not everything has to be handed to you” aspect of the game.

I pulled a chicken thinking he’d be easy pickins. That chicken totally killed me. I gave him a run for his money, but he won.
Then a few levels later, out of town, I saw a sheep and was like… naw, I’m not doing that again. But a friend of mine shot one, and to my surprise it died in one hit!
So then another few levels later, I saw a sheep further up the road and thought I’d kill him in one shot too. Haha… Surprise! :grin:

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Hey Cody,

Honestly I think if you couldn’t kill a red tail 100% of the time on the warrior class you must have been doing it wrong or maybe your hardware was messed up or something. Maybe you were hitting your own shield instead of the mob? A single red tail couldn’t kill me unless I let it when I was a level 1 warrior and it wasn’t because I knew what I was doing. The shield just made it super easy.

Same thing with musket, if you had some healing orbs on you could easily win every single pull.

I’m sure Riley is getting feedback from more than just a few folks. And maybe it was hard, and I don’t think anybody is advocating for making the game easy. But it’s a slippery slope. Start compromising on difficulty here and the next thing you know we can teleport to dungeons and have an auto queue for grouping. =/

haha you must not be too hard on the little creatures of the the game, you never know what one might do. glad you like it!

I want a teleport to the dungeons and an auto-que please. That would be awesome:)

:frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

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And a map that tells me where to go for quests:)

Johann, I can’t tell if you are trolling Riley or not, heh.

In terms of difficulty, I played as a warrior a bit last night and it felt pretty good. In fairness, I had a better sense of how to use a shield and how to use combos than an average new player would, so maybe there needs to be more information in the tutorial for these types of nuances.


After the latest balance patch it was much better. Naming convention for weapons is still confusing (beginners musket but different damage). But it is much better now

The tutorial says avoid hitting your shield so players move the shield when they attavk. Vs more than 1 enemy you’re going to get hit. Attacking through the shield is a must if you want to survive, but it goes against what the game tells you to do so new players have trouble.

Yeah, and even further. The difference between A) swinging wildly (even if you know to keep your shield out of your way) and B) moving your shield into the right position (which varies for each mob) right as the mob attacks and then getting your wound combo in reliably, is night and day. In the former, you may die to a single mob trash at low level, and in the latter, you can often take things above your level without much risk.

I am trolling him as I know he has no plans in putting any of that stuff in the game. But the funny thing is, I would love to have all of that stuff in the game. I enjoy raiding and pvp. The more time I can spend on that and the less time I can spend on questing and looking around for groups is what I want:)

Ugh, those are the things I think ruin an MMO. The pacification of MMO’s since wow came out is just awful. The only thing I do in those MMO’s is wait for a queue then rush through a dungeon as fast as possible, then sit in another queue. That is what’s wrong with MMO’s today.

So glad Riley knows better. I wouldn’t be here if those were his plans.


If I had a lot of time to play then everything your saying makes sense and I’m in total agreement with you. But I have 3 kids, wife, and a job, so my play time is pretty limited. So when I want to play, I want to find a group pretty quickly to be able to do content. I don’t have the time to wait 2 hours to find someone. As sometimes I can only play in short increments. I loved WoW. I made a lot of friends in it. Some turned into RL friends. Their dungeon que never ruined the game or experience for me, I still talked to the people I was grouped up with from the dungeon que. Plus you can’t dungeon que raid dungeons or high end arena pvp, those were always coordinated times. That is where the coordination and skill arises and a dungeon que would be pretty ridiculous for endgame content.

The problem is that there are so many games (all I think) that ARE made for those that does not have time to play much. For those who do have time the choices are extremely few if any. I do not wish to say that this game is not for you because I think definately it is since it can played just how you like. You just have to set your mind in another mode and perhaps find other people with the same “speed” to enjoy the game with. But to change the game to the quick-lobby-dungeon-run-as-fast-as-possible will definately kill it for me personally. Some middleground perhaps? :slight_smile:

I love slow games with a lot of “feeling”, story and great friends around to enjoy them with. So far OrbusVR and Pantheon are the best options I’ve got and both are fantastic (well Orbus are and Pantheon WILL be since it isnt out yet).

Anyways, great to have you here and I hope you’ll stay, the game is worth it!

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In an ideal world, you have the ability to cater to both demographics. This is why many modern MMOs make the standard overland content really easy, but have end-game dungeon/raid content scale up in difficulty requiring precision teamwork and coordination. Not sure if that makes complete sense here, but it’s why it ends up that way in a lot of cases.

My sentiment exactly. There are already so many “hand me everything so I can just swing my sword and nothing else” type MMO’s. Those games have such a hard time with community building and retention. They have massive player bases because it’s a quick cheap thrill. And they produce enough new content that you don’t need the excitement of defeating challenges because the content keeps coming. So their numbers fluctuate with their content releases.

The kind of MMO I would love is one where the challenge and community is enough to keep you coming back.

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