Does Orbus need rebalancing?

I am here today to poke at everyone’s brain. Anyone who have talked to me on discord or in game knows I have some very strong opinions on the current balancing state of the game. The truth is that I have no perfect or even good solution for this problem.

Disclaimer, if you do not agreed with anything here, please tell me why you disagree instead of just saying I’m wrong. Yes, yes, I know im wrong, but why am I wrong? I want to know so I may better myself.

The economy of orbus and the value of dram are straight up garbage. I honestly think the reason why the economy became so bad is because of us, the players. Hear me out.
Some of you might remember that dram were some what useful before we were spoon fed runemage reagents and potions from dungeon runs. Then we complained.

“Potion making is being monopolized by having rare materials inside the pvp zone…”
“Runemage reagents are so hard to get…”
“Dungeons don’t give enough rewards…”

The Dev team listened. Maybe a bit too well. Now potions drop from dungeons so there’s really no reason why I should buy or make my own unless I need more than one set of potions a day. You hardcore daily level 15 shard runners might need them, but for average player like me, who only run a level 15 once a week, will never run out of potions.
Don’t even get me started on the reagents. The drop rate of reagents from the old game was fine. Had to grind for like maybe 10 minutes a day to get all the reagents we needed to teleport. AND we used the reagents like hotcakes on a monday morning.(it’s not a saying, I just made it up because it sounded cool.) If I was going to do more dungeons than I thought that day, I would have just spend some dram at one of the player shops to get my reagents.
Now… now we have 4 out of 6 dungeons right under highstepp. It feels like teleporting has been cut down by more than half. This lowered the demand for Runemage reagents.
With the decrease demand and increase supplies of the reagents… they are almost like air. You need them but there are so many of them, you don’t even think about it when it’s being used.

Reward chests. I absolutely hate this system specifically. Everytime I look into my inventory, I always have at least half page full of those things. They give you an unnecessary amounts of crafting materials and equipments that are SCALED to your current level and class. And dyes.

For the players that didn’t know, we used to have exploration parties going out to the pvp zone in order to gather and sell rare potion materials for dram safely. Then use that dram to buy more potions from people who enjoys making them. Some dyes had to be farmed specifically from bosses and they had value. Rare Materials and fishing lures where some what hard and tedious to get which gave them value…

I understand not everyone does things the same. You don’t have to tell me I’m an idiot because you gathered and made potions yourself. That’s not the point of this section. The point is that Dram was flowing and now with all the shit stuffed in our face, Dram became useless.


Classes. I can’t speak for every class in the game in regards to balancing issues, but I can tell you about some of my experiences. I’m not here to change the game on demand, I’m only here to give an opinion on what I think about the balance state of the game and how I would fix the issue. If you disagree please be constructive and give a reason why and how would you fix it.

Warriors vs Paladins. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing as a warrior for so long, this strikes me the hardest. PALADINS CAN DO ALMOST EVERYTHING BETTER THAN WARRIORS. The only reason why I would use a warrior now days is to be a tank on lower level shard dungeon trash groups and the first boss of crypt. Other than that, I can’t think of a reason to use my warrior. Paladins can heal way more, takes way more damage before dying, and now Paladins has a shield that blocks 90% incoming damage?!?!?! Oh, did I forget to mention that paladins can fill a roll of small DPS class because how much damage they can do on higher level bosses?
The warrior’s provoke heal ability was nerfed some time ago but I’m not really sure what the reason was. I heard from people that it might be the fact the warriors can be self sufficient in normal scaled dungeons and solo bosses… this is the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. Paladins can be self sufficient on almost every boss below shard level 10!!!
If I were to balance the 2 tanks, I would increase the “sword raise” damage buff AND make it last longer to catch up with the hammer damage output. And bring back the provoke heal value.
Btw, if you didn’t know, there is a hard cap that won’t allow you to swing your sword too fast. If the sword was swung too fast, hits won’t register and combos will be broken. So it’s not like fast runemage vs slow runemage. Almost all warriors swing their swords at the same speed after about a week of game play.

Archers, bards, and scoundrels… I don’t even know where to start with these guys. Bards can buff the party but never big enough buff to mean anything. Archers can snipe thing far away with burst damage but the damage per second seems to be lacking. Without any buffs to offer to the party either, Archers became next to useless.
I don’t know much about scoundrels. All I know is that they were super nerfed to the depths of hell some time ago and now they are extremely under powered…

Please let everyone know what you think. If the past is still true, that means DEV’s listens to what everyone has to say can change according to us, the players.


The Dev Dudes are aware the value of Dram is bad, they are looking at the Economy next few months, take from the Q&A:

As for reagents, I also think they are a little too easy to get, I’d be happy to see the drop rate a little lower, just don’t go from one extreme to the other again, need a happy middle ground


I personally haven’t seen proof of this, but I haven’t even gotten my paladin to 30 yet so I haven’t been able to test it myself.

I actually have some old videos of me in a group with people out in the wilds. It was a blast and I’m actually quite sad there isn’t a “forced PVP zone” in Reborn, though I can understand why they removed it…

This has been one of my biggest complaints (aside from level scaling) since I started playing Reborn. There’s not very much incentive to explore anymore and it’s quite sad. There was some charm in having to run to the entrance to a dungeon, and now that’s pretty much gone except for two dungeons (which I’m so glad the devs added, it really brings me back anytime I go to run one of those dungeons).

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warrior vs paladin
you are so very wrong here, warrior can sustain themselves way better than paladins and keep agro way better.

as a warrior with a +6 sword, tilesets and no potions on a training dummy, I did 14.7k hps
as a paladin with a +6 hammer, no tilesets and no potions I did 6.1k hps when not empowering the heal, if you were to empower every heal that would be 12.2k and if you got some tiles with 3 up and no interference for the heal(which afaik doesn’t exist) it’d be 15.84k which isn’t that much more and it’s not really reachable due to tiles and a lot of situations not giving you time to empower your heal.

but also has a shield that blocks all damage and has in most situations more than 50% uptime aka takeng less than 50% of all the damage over the fight.

99%, not 90% and warrior shield blocks 100% of incoming melee damage while it’s up.

so can warrior on some bosses on level 15, which paladin can not, if you use healing pots warrior can no healer any boss in the game. (coughScottcough)

Archers damage is definitely not as high as mage and shaman, but not by more than about 10-15%(shaman/not crackhead mages) and they bring a 5% damage boost(hunters mark) so calling it useless is just far from the truth.

pretty sure that nerf was reverted not sure tho, but either way their theoretical max is still basically the same as shamans, but no one has gotten it perfect enough to pull that damage. The best scoundrels still manage to pull 40k to almost 60k. and they also bring the 5% break shot damage boost so in terms of damage it’s ok, it does need work on other aspects of it.


Can conf…cough


I think the very few scoundrels have the potential shaman dps reached now but are lacking the tileset possibility to get the same numbers as Shamans.


I have warrior tank i have never get 12k in training dummy or bosses or adds i would get 8 or 10 the highest was a 17 in all my time tanking as a warrior in reborn healing provoke and tanking the temple last boss tanking as a warrior the green phase and the aoe kill the warriors greatly with the so low provoke heal even when having a healer but when its a pally they can live through green phase and the aoe by healing them shelf is greater and with a healer

provoke heal is more than enough, if you provoke at max speed, have tiles and don’t miss any provokes you’ll get almost 15k healing per second and with pots it’ll be even higher. the AoE on mist keeper needs to be dodged on warrior, only reason pally can sit in it is because of musky shield and the 50% less incoming damage.

even with max speed never got 12k or 15k with or without pots with provoke heal

then you’re not provoking at max speed, you miss a lot of provokes or your tiles aren’t working. looking at the tiles you’ve posted in different discords, you don’t use max speed tiles, so if those are procing frequently, you’re not provoking at max speed, if they don’t proc or proc in’frequently you need to switch to max speed tiles

but not all people can swing their arm or wrist like they are in a mad man for a long time to give on self harm on one self the get a fasted speed tile to work even to swing the fastest swing tile dont work for some people who cant swing like that even with my fast tile i have never got 12 or 15k with or without pots

@potato you are definitely not wrong. When you compare both tanks ability to ability, they are more balanced than what the post said.

Reason why I even put up the comparison is the fact that paladins can survive longer and has an easier time being sufficient enough to tank stuff.

Warriors have better time keeping agro, yes. That’s why for a lot of trash mobs in dungeons I like to use warriors. But, higher level bosses do so much damage to paladins, I never had agro problems. If I had enough agro on me as a paladin and easier time staying alive AND do more damage all at the same time against a boss. Why would I use my warrior?

Mist keeper from the temp dungeon is especially frustrating for me as a warrior because how far I have to jump to get away from the AOE. Paladin on the other hand… all I have to do is get my healing book ready when the AOE meter hits. Because of the 50% damage reduction, paladin can almost survive any large hit. Kind of rediculous to me.

Sorry for majority of warrior players not being as good as you at dodging almost full teleport length worth of AOE every single time and taking unnecessary risks to reset the whole fight.

With the damage output, you missed the point. Paladin can have huge damage output (for a tank) without losing any survivability.

90% damage reduction thing. Yes, it’s 99, my bad. Still not the point of this post.

And the potion logic. You can’t be serious. By that logic paladins can almost go through a shard 15 with just pots and no healers. That’s not average game play. Again, sorry for not everyone can be as good as you.

So the point is, an average player can’t reach those extremes that you try to push on to others.

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mist keeper is a special case, there you’ll usually only really have your warrior shield for the tank buster and then take full damage the rest of the hits, while paladin will take half damage for all hits and can stand in AoE.
The healing pot thing I just brought up because scott has done every boss without a healer thanks to healing pots, which do have a CD, but even without pots you can no healer several bosses that just isn’t possible on Paladin. There are trade offs to both classes and in some situations one is better than the other, which IMO is how it should be, not one being better at everything, but like it is currently where some stuff like trash or mist keeper you want paladin for min-maxing and other things like dungeon troll or dovregubben you want a warrior. and if you wanna be the absolute best tank you can for most efficient runs you need a combination of both.


Is it not possible to tileset scoundrels?

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Lol oops. Thanks ^

Welcome back to the game first of all, long time no see. As for these “everything I don’t like”-posts - mixing numerous unrelated points up will make it hard to discuss or pinpoint down workable solutions since people talk about everything and nothing, but well… only grabbing out one single point, overflow of goods/market:

Ok well while you might not need potions, fact is a ton of other people seems to need them - they sold very well from day 1 on reborn, there’s a constant, high demand! So your personal need is not an indicator of the market demands. Potions are selling as good as in the OG, if not better.

The market right now however is in a special state of good-prices rapidly falling (since some still think foolish trade-wars, undercutting each others aggressively, is a good strategy ^^; winners are only the buyers, though) while stall prices rise up to a point some older vendors like me take a break from them. But this is only since like 2 weeks and related to the sudden influx of (young) players not knowing how to keep prices stable or to bid and overall lots people currently having too much time on their hands. In couple weeks all is back to normal I believe and then is a better time to step back and evaluate what is needed then and what not. Before Corona prices were fairly stable and you could certainly sell potions, I did so all the time.
Plus leading dram back to other vendors since I bought fish and mats from what I earned with the crafted products; the current imbalance is the fault of player’s actions though, nothing much to do about it but give it time and let them figure.

As for why the potion-demand is on a constant high, likely others are either not playing the content you do. Like HM raid once a week with 0 drops. Like, some guild members play one hour daily, doing two shards in the 3-drop range, 5 potions used for them; makes 2 lost per day or rather more since not all drops are useful (I often craft one type, Crit, in masses, while others more commonly drop).
Or they likely use much more of them. We have practice groups, for example, where we use potions on shards 8+ already to still level them up while tanks or new healers/dps can practice. Also a “set” for some classes/players (tanks!) sometimes only is 2 potions while a “set” for me is 5, including the new supercharge.
So for an evening I use 10-15 potions at times, and I’m nowhere near covering those with drops. Which are mostly not even spread out evenly btw. I’m flooded by Vit and Str, Crits are just not dropping. I even suggested more drops from dungeons before, because of the poor rng, or spread them out more evenly, also across dungeon levels, the current system is odd.
Also since the solo-dungeon is out now, (aged) normal potions are really helpful to deal with the elites in there and get through faster overall. Unnoticed by most yet the DLC will change the market, with time, in many ways which to describe would be OT though.

Same with the crates, yup we are flooded, but why not… I personally do all dailies/weeklies I can and like getting and opening them. As I like any direct and visible reward in games for what I do. When I was trading I was also having a use for some of the mats, constantly (apples for example or reedflute for super charge potions). So these were not all useless. And I like selling the low stuff to the vendors, as last step of finishing missions. Other games, mainly hack n slash types, flood you with gear drops on every mob you kill as well, you sell these off constantly, I don’t mind that.

I don’t feel all dyes are too frequently dropping, some colors (those in crates; and sadly Spiderling) are, sure, but others are selling for good prices since day 1 of reborn, just like potions. Which is an indicator of them being wanted and useful. You can go out farm and need quite some time (ex. Salmon) or a good group (ex. Black Major) to get them.
The thing with dyes is, if they are too rare they become useless. You don’t need one of these, but 4 minimum, now gear changes, for most, so you will need much more than that to keep up. This is why some dyes - due to my impression - did not sell well or at all in the OG.

The only things we would need imo is

a) A bit better methods of sorting/deleting stuff for those bothered by it. They already implemented filling stuff in chests, additional to that a mass-sharding, mass-opening, mass-selling to vendors, like, ALL that is on a tab (!) would also be helpful (while having security measures in like ability to mark items to never-bulk-sell/shard). Idea from Torchlight and other games: It would be oh-so-cool if our pets had some inventory and would sell stuff put in there, for us.

b) Lower droprate for reagents which are indeed that much that I delete them constantly (keyword Rickness brought up is “middle-way” though - not make them super-rare like in the OG where you farmed half an hour before dungeon runs to be able to resurrect…)

c) And certainly more space in the player house chest. That’s the only issue I got, currently. Now that the dlc stuff, new pets, dyes etc. is also in my game feels entirely paralized. I’d like to farm and collect more things, breed dragons and what not, however, there is no chance doing so since there’s no space for even gear sets and stuff and dungeon shards (2-3 tabs wasted for these alone) anymore.


Even the raid entrance is in highsteppe I might add.

Even the players are in Highesteppe! :scream:


If spoon feeding was a game, Orbus would be it.