DPS balance patch notes

With the help of the community who put in multiple days of testing our changes for us, as well as even more work on their own gathering data for us to use, we are making a few changes to the DPS numbers of the different classes to bring them all closer in line, and make the 4 DPS classes viable at end game.

We will be looking at the other 4 classes (tank and healing) later on this year/ beginning of next year, as well as continuing to fix some of the broken mechanics of certain classes (like the Shaman orb regen and Bard broken instruments)


  • Reduced the card respawn timer.
  • Modified the charged shot formula so that the more bullets you charge the more damage you do.
  • Increased the damage boost given by Breakshot to help account for the charge shot modification.
  • Increased basic shot damage.
  • Increased poison tick damage.
  • Increased the damage boost given by the flame card.
  • Increased the damage boost given by the damage modifying card burn empowerment.
  • Swapped the Light (self heal) and Vines (poison) card burn empowerments. Light is now a damage increase and Vines is now a spread empowerment.


  • Modified the Stun Orb’s damage increase provided by the weakness effect.
  • Increased the overall Weakness debuff damage boost.
  • Changed the lightning orb to respawn without being reliant on a crit. The chance for an orb to respawn is now equal to the shaman’s crit chance (so crit stacking is still important), but will now respawn instantly if it procs instead of relying on the orb landing and the crit damage being applied. You will also still receive an instant lightning orb respawn on your first orb thrown when using the Strikes Twice talent in combination with the All In talent.


  • Increased basic shot damage.
  • Increased poison tick damage.
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Fire Rain arrow.
  • Rangers should no longer lose a globe when the Fire Rain and Smoke arrows hit the ground.
  • Increased the weak point spawn rate when the Needler talent is selected.
  • Increased the damage multiplier provided by each of the globes.
  • Increased the capstone multiplier (the amount of damage you do based on how full the bar is) for Precision.
  • Increased the capstone multiplier for Rapidity.
  • Decreased the damage multiplier from hitting a weak point with a charged shot.
  • Charged shots will now “Empower” the ability arrow that is shot with them.

Empowerments are as follows

  • Poison - Increased duration of the debuff.
  • Fire Rain - Increased tick damage.
  • Spread - Increased damage done by the additional arrows that are spawned.
  • Piercing - Increased damage.


  • We are happy with where the DPS numbers are currently for Runemage and did not increase or decrease the numbers.

With these changes going out in the patch on the 29th, we will continue to monitor and welcome feedback from the community as to where the classes are at individually and as a whole now. We are also interested to see if this changes some of the class meta around rotations, talents, special abilities, etc and where that will lead to in terms of DPS numbers.

I just wanted to once again thank the community for helping the team with testing, gathering data, and being amazing. We wouldn’t have been able to gather as much data, theoretical or real life, without the help and commitment of all those involved, so thank you again.


Don’t forget about our broken weakpoints please :pleading_face:


hey hey hey hey don’t you take away from Bard focus.

But ya, that too lol


I’m fairly certain shaman orb’s breaking is tied to client/server load because you can sit in your player house all day long and never break a totem, but when you’re in a dungeon with everyone’s visual effects and mobs attacking or especially when at a world boss event, they tend to break. It might be playing tricks on me, but it sure seems like they break less often with graphics on low and all other player visual effects disabled.

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I would like to know when you guys test tanks and healers some what this years are you still grabing high class ones or will get the average good level player

It would also be nice if you could restore the arrow physics to preborn state. They still drop too fast.

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