Sept 29th Patch notes

  • New 1 KM X 1 KM isle unlocked

    • Acess to Forsaken Isle is only through the Ship Captain at Leisa Docks and will cost 500 Dram
    • To return from the Isle you must use your Home Teleportation Device, or a Runemage Portal
    • You will find an Apprentice Smith near the graveyard
  • There are 4 new types of Abberation Elite groups on the Island

  • Added 2 new rewards to the Grinding Device

    • The “Sword Teleporter” and the “Skater Mount”
  • Updated drop tables on all 3 enraged World Bosses to drop new Mini windup versions of the WB as pets

  • Added 3 new types of Bracers

    1. Bracer of Health: increases out-of-combat health regen
    2. Bracer of Wisdom: increases super regen
    3. Bracer of Stamina: increases maximum stamina
    • There is no 3d representation in the game for the characters (won’t show when worn)
    • To read more about how they work read here
  • Added a new “Storm Mount” to the Cash Shop store in game

  • Added 3 new Overleveling perks to choose from

    1. Dram cap increase: From 5 to 6 million (available in tiers of 200K increments)
    2. Fishing boost: Up to 15% chance to catch double fish (available in tiers of 3% increments)
    3. Cauldron speed boost: The cauldron cycles between colors 30% faster (available in tiers of 5% increments)
  • This patch will also include the DPS changes we are making

    • Read HERE for the full list of changes
  • Added Treasure maps to the overworld

    • Icons of the crated maps will be different for MSP & Overworld maps
    • There are different rewards between the MSP and Overworld maps
  • Added a Long Term Mission Vendor to the Highsteppe Inn (across from player house)

    • These are missions that have longer objectives to work on as you play/level with larger rewards
  • Updated Tinkerer Blueprints to be able to be “Broken Down” like transmog gear and unlocked in the Tinkerer Chest

  • Updated VOIP system

    • This is already in game just wanted to make a note of it
  • Updated White Dye icons to make it easier to read the stacked numbers


There will be safe zones so PvP’ers can go home right?


“increases maximum stamina”

Is that Vitality?
or how fast you can move in combat?

We were just talking about that. Giant pvp brawl because we can’t leave :joy:

Yes, there is a safezone around the graveyard area.

Maximum stamina, so it affects how far you could move in combat before you would need to regenerate it.

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Around what time will this be release at?

Noon CST on the 29th


Will there be some more fixes? Because rn it’s awful. I rather would have the old system back even if that was already bad. But now I can’t hear single people anymore, some people are just really super loud, or super quiet, I can hear people which are not around me, and some around me I can’t hear at all. I keep turning the volume slider up and down all the time. Also the voice indicator about the players are not working really with this anymore, so if you don’t already know the voice you’ve no idea who talkes to you. Also the directions are way off, the person on your right talks to you… Nope the sound comes on the left and such. Or on both ears which is really confusing. Sorry for saying that but I really dislike this change and I hope there will be fixes for this.


Absolutely. We are continuing to investigate these issues and are planning on making more fixes as we find out the cause of the problems.

Right now it seems to vary massively from player to player so we could use your output log if you can send it to us after experiencing these. Particularity if you run into the one you mentioned about hearing someone from the wrong ear would be very useful.


Sure next time I’ll send an output log! Was not thinking about it today haha

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Are you playing on a Rift S by any chance?

Nope im on a Index.

will the windup Rupert pet be a boss drop, rare enemy drop, abberation drop or a chest drop?

From the blog post, it’ll be from a specific mob on the island: image

You have to go higher

Somebody say even higher?

Will there be a new player house as well on the new island? Kind of close to where this mysterious wolf hangs out?

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Want new player house , let me never leave spooky island.

In the patch at noon the rupert pet icon will be a standard icon, but in following patches will be replaced with the drawing from HotHotPockets as the icon. Getting the okay to use the picture had slipped through the cracks (my fault) and I didn’t want to use the picture in game until we talked with the artist first, but in following patches it will be back to the proper icon!


Rupert’s power never ceases to amaze me. He has the devs running around trying to get permission to use his face on their product.

Love you Rupert❤