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Anyway, the original post I made that started this side thread was about having more dps checks in the hardest endgame content. To beat the hardest content you shouldn’t be able to play it safe. Frankly as a dpser I don’t find any of the expert mode content challenging. All of our hours practicing and theory crafting should be put to the test.


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On that discussion maybe we should be back in the original thread but I like that we’re back to that topic. Part of the other issue with this is I don’t think that only people who are performing at EK/ABC level should be the ones to clear Expert. That’s a serious minority of the game and I don’t think it’s worthwhile for the devs to be adding content that will only see play by that small portion of the playerbase. Maybe there’s better answers to that than avoiding dps checks. Maybe the answer is adding more of a boss progression and gearing up over the course of weeks adding a severe enough improvement to bridge the gap between guilds getting world firsts and guilds clearing the raids.


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lol, I doubt you guys will be able to beat boss 5 at all. There is no way for you to cheese it at this point, so no worries there. If it wasn’t for us posting a picture of them, doubt you’d ever see what they look like. #cantcheeseboss5


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We got boss 5 expert under 50% before his damage output was nerfed and we got him under 30% last week. Unfortunately we have hardly been able to raid with a bunch of our core members meeting up in real life and our main tank moving across the country. We would have had him down some time ago if our core team was available. Though Function may disagree with me I think it is actually easier than hard mode used to be with the changes to the hell bros. Also probably easier than boss 4 before the damage output nerf.


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I’m rooting for you all. I don’t know that it’s easier than either of those fights but it’s certainly a great time. That clear was a really fun fight.


I’m closing this thread at this point and handing out probations and suspensions. There’s nothing productive or helpful to the community in turning this subject into another fellowship ego comparing contest and insulting each other - with regards to the original subject, we’ve been aware of discrepancies between class balance and it’s something we’ll look at certainly for reborn.

If someone has new findings, has done some theorycrafting or testing and wants to share them and have a discussion about it, feel free to start a new thread - you have my blessing.

Please be respectful of each other. We’re all working towards the same goal here, having an enjoyable world to explore and live in. :+1: