DPS of Rangers and Mages


But can’t mages do the same :thinking:


Pro tip #2 : Shot on the floor to max out your globes before the fight.

Edit : better rangers informed me that it’s the rapidity bar and I am tired I should go sleep.


I’m questioning how well in can really be done in a raid scenario by the best rapidity rangers out there. Looking at the best kill times on raid bosses there is a large discrepancy. Much more than just running unbending would account for. And in my experience alphabet rangers are beating alphabet mages on dps consistently. Where as in your experience you are getting beaten by mages.


To get back on topic, those tests were all made with the max ranger’s dps possible and still they weren’t close to mage’s dps so yeah, buff ranger please :pray:



Might be a mage problem ? Since rangers are pretty much maxed out for everyone who played the class more than 5 hours.

Also, Only me shiki an kamina play rapidity, all of our other rangers play the slow and boring style :slight_smile:


As Johann said a few messages above, we don’t even use potions after the first clear, or try to get fastest kills at all.


Well if our mages are inferior and rapidity is better than precision how do you explain the discrepancy in kill times?


We are not trying ?

20 char


Not trying to max dps? Why all the time and effort theory crafting then?


All for this :slight_smile:


We have seen a few of your videos. The mages are a mess, tons of cancelling each other spells out and they don’t have a consistent good rotation. So that is why you are beating them out, if you truly are.


Fact of the matter is, if we wanted to potion up and get our top dps in a raid, we could blow any time out of the water, but what is the point?


So how are we killing faster with these inferior mages? Even on the first kills where we both use potions.


You arnt potioning and using your top dps on your first kills?


Nope I dropped out of deslatu run because I was board of ranger and don’t plan to play it ever again :yum:


Please read our anwers… We play the safe way, no funky strats and cowboy moves.



I’m not sure what you are even talking about? The first kills is about survivabilty and killing the boss. Haven’t you been reading our posts? I guess your reading skills are on par with your testing skills. But to reiterate again, we try to figure out the mechanics and kill the boss. So not really going for time. I mean thats how we have world first clears of every raid dungeon. Once we clear it, we aren’t potioning up. We kill it and move on.


I’m not meaning to insult you guys or start anything. I’m genuinely interested in strategies to max damage output. You claim to have a better one than us but the kill time data doesn’t seem to bear that.


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