DPS of Rangers and Mages


if all the numbers u used were true, yes u were right, but u are a bit off on something that makes up the difference


he is about 3/4 right :wink:


What is this amateur hour? Did you even do any testing?


Is that because you think rapidity gives more than a 10% damage boost when the bar is full? Well you are right. Kind of. Don’t forget any good test needs a control group.


Lets be civil here everyone. Landru our group has done a ton of testing. I personally haven’t but numerous people in our group. It’s just that for us the numbers as they’re disclosed on the forum isn’t the final answer. We’ve done extensive testing on the mechanics as they function in game and some of the numbers you used in your calculation aren’t correct. I’d encourage you to test it directly in game to see what it is.


I’m sure you have done a ton of testing. But I think there is a little something you missed. You might want to compare rapidity to no talents.


Nope was talking about something else


The only other thing I can think of on the spot is that rapidity is immediately using their special arrows off cooldown instead of waiting that .x second that Precision needs to.

Also do you guys have a reliable runeset to proc as Rapidity?

Edit: Also Rangers have about a 100000 arrow shots before their shoulders give out so good luck Rapidity Rangers in the long run lol


Well I’m hitting for 895 with a full rapidity bar. So 3 hits a second that is 2685 dps. I’m hitting for 2471 every 0.8 seconds with precision. That’s 3089 dps. Unless the arrow per second cap isn’t 3 as I believe it is supposed to be.




lol i’ve been shooting even faster back in beta when the cap wasn’t a thing, don’t worry about that


One must let a demon inhabit their right arm in exchange for the blood of others so that he may play rapidity ranger, naturally
Why else do u think Shiki and I pvp so much?


So you would have to average over 3.45 arrows per second to beat precision. Good luck with that for over 15 min.


Kamina spilled the beans, he’s actually doing 19 shots per 5 seconds!


Might be the reason not many rangers play rapidity. But yeah, if we are talking about the potential of a class and we can both agree that rapidity can do higher numbers but those are not close to those of a mage I call it a victory :slight_smile:

PS : from experience with a lot of recordings and data analysis to support it I can do max damages for 4 to 6 minutes with rapidity. So since it’s not alot of fights that goes over 5 minutes without a short break, I decided to use that talent.


I’d love to see a video.


Unfortunately all of those where recorded to determine and optimized my rune sets, so can’t really share :confused:

But I encourage anyone to do some testing. Let’s max out our ranger potential together and then complain about mages !



I’ll think about recording and posting a trash clear of the first couple raid rooms… heh…


I still want you to share that jungle dungeon video. That’s gonna close the case.


Pro Tip #1: Shoot your arrows in the air to land on the Boss before the fight to maximize your damage output.