DPS parser in game

I have asked for a DPS parser to be added to the game in another post not too long ago. I got a lot of pushback from the community for various reasons. The biggest being the fear of harrassment and exclusion from events due to comparisons between player DPS.

I would like to make the argument that this is happening already regardless of the fear. This information is available and is in fact being used to limit player participation. Just last night a player in a raid I was in, was monitoring realtime DPS and making vocal comment and comparisons between players. This information should be either not accessible to anyone or made available to everyone. I say make it available to everyone. I think also, that information should be limited to your own. You should not be able to parse anyone else’s data and doing so should be a violation of terms of use and subject to disciplinary action if reported.

Being able to see your own DPS should be available to each player as a means to improve and to see if their play style is working or not without having to purchase thousands of dollars of additional equipment in order to do so. I think this is a no brainer.


It does? Can you screenshot for me?

3rd party programs aren’t against tos. the armory or even fishing timers would be against it then. you’re probably thinking of how you are not allowed to alter game files, which parsers do not do, as they just read the combat.log file. you can read more about the devs’ stance on parsers here Combat Logs in Reborn (and Code of Conduct Update)


Just something I heard from multiple people so I assumed it I can check for sure though

The stance on the code of conduct update there is pretty much the same as in Final Fantasy XIV. The XIV team prohibits any and all 3rd party tools, but are 100% aware and fine with the fact that people are using ACT to track their performance. After all, a damage meter is essentially just a calculator that adds up numbers you see on screen and divides them with the time. That being said, the moment you mention it in-game that you are parsing, or god forbid harass someone over their piss poor performance (kicking them from the group, excluding them, or even mentioning it in chat), your ass will be suspended so fast it’ll make your head spin.

I personally think that it would be pretty devastating to get rid of damage meters entirely, because they are an extremely important tool to improving one’s own play. On the flip side of the coin however, I also don’t think it’d be a good idea to bring them into the game itself. As mentioned before in this thread, they are already being used to harass people and exclude them, and adding them into the game itself would just amplify that to a far more dire extent.

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I would think the dev’s could implement it in a way that only shows data for the account accessing it. My issue with parcers is that they show data for everone near you. Mining data could be limited and be made useful to the player without having available to anyone with a PC.

As far as shitty performance is concerned, not everyone is able to be online and playing for the hours it takes to be awsome. It may take time to gain that experience and excluding only makes it harder to get that experience.

This tool implemented with limited access would help with class mechanics. Dungeon and boss mechanics is a different story.

no it doesn’t go against tos
(not sure if anyone said this already but) long long ago the devs released the number thingy and said “you can use this to see numbers as long as you doing bully, harass, exclude, or in any way insult anyone because of their numbers”. those weren’t their words but they gave us access to the logs.

I read the post. I want access to that data ingame for all players who want it. It is not a huge task and is desired by many to avoid having to purchase thousands of dollars in equipment to get the information. Nobody is saying using the information is against tos.

Kutsui said dps parsers were but that’s beside the point. i wasn’t even responding to you. you could always just find someone on pcvr instead of “having to purchase thousands of dollars in equipment”. as many have already said, it isn’t the best idea to add it in game.

It is a little bit weird why the Quest doesn’t generate the combat.log file at all. If that was added, it would be trivial to yoink the file from the device and chuck it to one of the myriad of tools out there available to analyze its contents. That could potentially be a good compromise.

Showing the data in-game is just a doorway for all kinds of trouble that would make the already toxic situation far worse

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But only showing your own dps in game would not be too bad though, right? :thinking: