Dragon Scamming

The ability to preview dragon colors in the trade window would completely eliminate dragon scammers. @Mathieu_D


Supposedly the game used to have that feature about a year ago, based on what I heard from other players, but the devs removed it for some reason and made it so you can’t see what the dragon is when trading anymore.

@unroosed_G Well that’s silly to remove that feature! We need to have it back to prevent people from scamming.

Yeah, I don’t get why we wouldn’t have that kind of function when scammers exist.

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No, you’ve never been ble to see item tooltips in the trade window.

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Hi, thanks for reaching out.

This is something we absolutely want to add and improve when we get the chance to, showing the tooltips in the trade window.


@Mathieu_D Thank you! You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!

I was scammed out of a one off white dragon. The dragon I was trading for was definitely not the one I got.

I stopped trading after that.

Sorry that happened to you @Randy_M, scummy people like that are the one’s who suck the fun out of trading. I was dumb enough to get scammed TWICE by the same person. They played dumb the first time and the second time they ran away and hopped shards. I ran around hopping shards looking for him, once I found him I demanded my dram back (nicely) and he had the nerve to say that I was the one who scammed him! I almost lost it on this kid.
:crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed that this issue is dealt with sooner than later!

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Just wanted to confirm it looks like we’ll have a fix in to show the tooltips of items you are being traded in the next major update. :slight_smile:


@Mathieu_D That’s great news!! Thank you so much! :heartbeat:

would also love a fix so we can stack minor/major/glimmering/etc shards without putting shards into a chest first.

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During the game, I saw players asking me to buy their pets or selling to someone else. They will be asking for around 20-30k or higher, then they said that they spent a lot of dram and time for breed such color or etc.

How is that a scam?

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Yeah that is not really a scam.


If both parties agreed with the term (i.e. colour and ability), it is not scam. I keep seeing players asking others to buy their pets. Why dont they put them in the auction house, buyers can see the info (i.e. price, colour and ability) and sellers can enjoy the game while waiting. Is it the auction house is there for this? In addition, it is pretty expensive 20-30k or more for dragon while it costs 2500 at the store.

I do enjoy to breed the dragon as part of the game, and sell them at a lower price at the store (i.e. 2000-2100 dram). Hence the new players can get the dragon at discount rate, and enjoy the game.

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The auction house does take a percentage of the money from both sides so if you are buying or selling something very expensive it might be worth doing the trade in person


I think the last update included floating tooltips in trade so you can see what you are trading for. Sometimes the peeps that stand in front of the player house and peddle their wares look for a premium… for sure… but as long as both sides agree before making the trade and everyone gets what they agreed to that seems legit to me.
Cake used to name her dragons and come up with elaborate backstories and it was adorable lol. The salesmanship is worth something IMO!

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It is a scam when the seller has a dragon in tow that they say is for sale or trade and when you agree and put your side of the deal up and they put a different dragon up that kind of matches the discription. By the time you get a look, it is too late.

This happened to me. I don’t trade anymore. This behavior ruins the game. I won’t trade again until I can see what is offered. This feature is a no brainer.

That is an excerpt from the latest patch notes.

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