Dragons and Dragon Breeding + GIVEAWAY!

Everything you need to know to get started breeding dragons and using them for their bonuses. There will also be a giveaway just comment your in game name and you’re entered.


I had no idea you could breed dragons…huh…


REMINDER Comment your in game name on my video to enter a dragon giveaway there will be more than one winner!

REMINDER! Comment your in game name on my video to enter a dragon giveaway there will be more than one winner!

Subscribed to your YouTube channel. :smile: By ign, do you mean what my character is actually named? That’s Calista, and I’m very new to Orbus. Very new to MMORPGs, although I’ve played a few other fantasy games in the past. Thanks for explaining breeding. Very cool! Someone in game just gifted me my first dragon last night. I may become a breeder, as it sounds very fun to have an abundance of dragons to gift other players. Keep payin’ it forward. :heart:


Very cool video, thanks! Amina

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This has been SUPER helpful. Already playing with the variations. I and my two family members who all joined the game at the same time are all breeding already. Kudos to whoever said that everyone should have a pet dragon during the kickstarter!

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I’m glad to help you all out! Two more days to enter!

Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry for that late announcement just out of town.






CONGRATULATIONS! Once I’m back in town I will come back and announce it on here and we can work together to meet up and give you all your brand new dragons!


I’m officially home and available to give out the dragons to the winners!

Message me on discord or here!

Congrats to the winners! Dragons are so much fun! :dragon:

No one has claimed their dragon yet so I will give them until after the first week of January after that what’s left will be up for grabs. As of right now that will be 4 if no one claims theirs.

Well, I’d be delighted to receive a dragon if they aren’t all claimed by then. Just let me know. :dragon_face:

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I meant to get back to you I’m sorry. You can have one or… two!

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Thanks Morfran! Honestly, I forgot also!

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I want one too!

If Morfran runs out of dragons to giveaway (ha!), I’v been breeding some size 0/1 white dragons (may not be pure white) that I’m willing to hand out to people. Dragon breed and bonus will be somewhat random until I can reliably breed plunderers.

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I’d love a tiny dragon! :smiley: I can always give it a pet bonus treat to give it plunder

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I think I might have a white -> white -> blue (not sure about secondaries) size 1 left (if you want one). Not sure about what breed or bonus. I’ll have to check if it is still there or if I put it on the market, but if it is still there, you want it? (is 500 dram too low? they sell pretty fast XD . I actually bumped the prices up from 200 because I had some complaints from breeders saying I’m dropping the prices too much). (I’m trying to breed pure whites first, then I’ll start trying to make each color so I can start breeding dragons of colors people want. My goal is for everyone in the game to have a dragon of the color they want.)

Aw that’s so nice of you. White -> white -> blue sounds awesome. If you still have it I’d love one!

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