Dual Weapon Bug

Not exactly sure how I pulled this off…

This has actually happened to me a few times, don’t know what causes it though

Learn how this player found out how to dual wield. Devs hate him! Find out more by clicking below!


Quick! Change that bow to a hammer! We’ll fire returning not-mjolnirs at the enemies! Those raid bosses won’t stand a chance!!

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Normally I wouldn’t report something so minor if it didn’t impact gameplay; I was attempting to get my bow out to defend myself, and I while I could equip it, I was unable to ‘unsheath’ it while the musket was active. My turret was also missing from the battle area and attempts to replace it elsewhere might have been successful, but I had no way to confirm, as the audio cue for switching turret modes was occurring, but no visual representation of where the invisible new instance had ‘landed’.

Related: I was able to equip my bow and it was firing like a musket. That was pretty cool. No images of that one, as it occurred in a previous build of OrbusVR, before spring fest release.

Sounds like a desync, Scott wrote a long but informative post about it recently but it has been a on going long term problem for Orbus

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Like Rickness said today’s issue sounds like a desync, but do you recall how you were able to do this?

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Just yesterday I was able to equip a helm in place of my weapon so this doesn’t surprise me. Idk how I stumbled apon doing it but I could do it at any point in time yesterday. Haven’t logged in today due to work to check if this is still able to be done. There’s no point to doing it lol it’s just a bug.

I remember exiting the player house and quickly switching weapons from musket to bow. I was really surprised that I was able to fire the bow with a trigger squeeze, that I must have sounded like a looney-toon to the people around me.

As a sanity check, I asked everyone if they could see my weapon and to tell me what it was, and they said bow, so I started rapid firing with trigger to prove my point. I was going to see how well it worked on mobs, but after exiting HS through the back door ( by the player house ) when I arrived outside, my bow was indeed a bow and could only be fired via traditional 2-hand drawback. This happened before I knew about how to take screenshots on Quest, and it was before I was using link cable. Maybe a week or 2 before the Spring content transition?


Thanks, we’ll try and reproduce it. Let me know if you manage to get it to happen again and if it actually works on targets.

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