Easter Egg Hunt

In addition to adding in the organized PvP arena, we also added in some hidden “Easter eggs” During this alpha if you are looking for some adventure, then you can go on an egg hunt. There are 10 of these hidden eggs throughout the map. There is no achievement or reward for finding all 10 besides being able to brag to all your friends that you are a better adventurer then them, and better suited for play inside the Explorer’s League. Good luck, and please don’t post the locations of the objects on here so you wont spoil anyone else’s hunt.

PS: If you want to double check that you have found the right locations you can PM me if you’re not sure and I can let you know if you’re on the right track.

Here is a screenshot of what you’re looking for, some are in plain sight, others are hidden well “within” other places. If you’ve been playing long enough you will be able to notice where this screenshot was taken in the world. Happy Hunting.

Note: In game some roosters may appear dead on top of the chests

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Just curious if anyone has been out hunting and if they have found any.

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Got too caught up in beating the world boss x.x plan to find them all later tonight though!

Ive got 8 and been everywere and cant find the last two

Backing up what Death said, he and I went around what feels like the entirety of the map, and found 9. The last one eludes us.

  • Bloodrhen

just to let you know, you can now enter lakewood inn. There may be a “foul” secret there to :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If you having trouble PM me and ill give you a hint

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So were getting towards the end of the test and i know some people were having trouble finding some of the last few eggs so one hint i would give everyone is that there are 5 in each zone. (None in wilds, dungeon, or player housing)


Ok i hope everyone had fun in the first Alpha test, and for those explorers that went in search of the eggs i hope you found them all or had fun trying. So far i know of 2 players that found all 10 eggs, (Death, Bloodrhens), if you would like to share the locations or you’re adventures on the way feel free to here, I will be moving the eggs before the next test.


i tried finding a easter egg from the last public test and it was gone!
I had a party of people following me and the whole place was gone :open_mouth:

Ya they were all moved from the previous stress test, but hopefully you still managed to find a few of them.