Elijah's self-indulgent art thread and shenanigan shack

Hey all,

This is meant to be an art thread, but lord knows I’m going to use it as a place to post a lot of random junk that I may find interesting or fun.

Feel free to come by and talk about art, or anything else, really. Expect things to get off topic, zip around the planet a few times, and finally land on the point. Expect this thread to get incredibly bloated as well. Debauchery and irreverence are the name of the game here.

So yeah, come hang out. It’ll be fun, I think.


Also, It’s Wednesday! We used to post art on Wednesdays, so I’ll try to make that a habit again. Let’s start with something fairly recent. You can totally tell when I’m doing art for a model I’ll be making vs. art for the other 3D artist. I work off of the roughest, ghettoest sketches for myself, but then do up these nice little modelling sheets with all this information for Brian. Why don’t I do these all the time?? It would make my life so much easier.

Todays work music: Demon dayz - Gorillaz (ooph, starting off right :D:D)

Listen with me?

Also, Ingore the blatant misspelling of “Tinny”


Interesting, I can totally imagine this as the pet dogs of the pig men. :smiley:

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Huh, thats the frog that is in the witches hut. Nice!

I love the name frog-dog lol

So fun fact, I assumed Elijah had named the frog Tilly and that he hadn’t misspelled “Tinny”, so we named the frog Tilly. So its Tinny’s frog named Tilly.


That’s actually amazing, I didn’t know that


woooooah, alpha test time! I’d be totally thrilled if anyone participating in the test dropped by this thread and gave feedback on the visuals and models.

What I’m doing today: Npc design, mostly

Listening to: Protomen - Act II (most likely gonna play megaman all weekend :$)

Random question. Since the first dragon pet is out on the blog would you be able to share the concept art for that pet? I’d be interested to see what that looked like.

Alas, that one wasn’t me so I don’t have any art for it, unfortunately

Thank you for introducing me to The Protomen! Seriously, I dig this so much.

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Isn’t it great?? I was under the impression they were like a novelty act for the longest time, but I gave them a solid chance one day and was totally blown away

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Are there any specific models you want feedback on or just everything and anything?

In this particular thread, just go ham. As for the main feedback thread, I know those guys would rather get focused feedback on the most recently introduced things

What an exciting weekend, holy. We got the final closed alpha test, and a brand new game of thrones :o :o so gud.

lmk what your experience with the alpha was like. I always read the feedback threads, but those are always very development-oriented. I want to hear about little in-game anecdotes, those make me so fkn happy.

Work music for the day: Max normal - Songs From the Mall

Also, did someone say monster Monday?


Soooo… this is what an NPC looks like about ten minutes before I send it off

Listening to : Funkadelic - Maggot Brain


Love the root boss (is it the one in the jungle dungeon? I have not yet run that one).
You guys could also put that npc in on an april`s fools event instead of normal npcs :smiley:

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Sooo, i fully thought it was tuesday today and nearly missed artwork wednesday :confused:

No music to post today, since I was just listening to GDC talks all day like a nurd


On second thought, just posting the warrior designs is discriminatory against other classes!

If anyone plays a diff class that you’d like to see, I’ll drop it today if you’d like.


It would be awesome to see all the rest! I play ranger and runemage most but I’m sure our resident healer @SourDeez would love musketeer as well!

Also Riley totally told us about the secret upcoming class(es) so you can just show us those as well.