Elijah's self-indulgent art thread and shenanigan shack


Please post runemage


There’s more than one healer in the orbus community! But ya I would love to see the musketeer art too.


Incooomiiiing :tada: :tada:


@Luvstosmooch, As for the secret class, Since Rileys already spilled the beans, here’s a piece of concept art:



Musketeer looks awesome!

Do you have art for the first two bosses in the jungle dungeon?


maybeeee, sometimes I jump right into modelling for certain things, so there’s always a chance that there just isn’t any artwork. What are the first two jungle bosses?


One is the lizard king and the other is a T-Rex mother.


I kind of have art for those, kind of sort of. We were crunching pretty hard that week, so I didn’t put as much time into the artwork as I usually do, and focused on really getting those models looking nice and done on time instead.

Let me take this opportunity to wax poetic about robert and riley yet again. These guys are such an absolute joy to work with, and I think these sketches really illustrate that. They give me an insane amount of creative freedom and I really feel like they respect and appreciate me as an artist, and trust me to put some love into every design or asset. I find that working on other peoples projects can become mechanical pretty easily, almost as if the core dev team sees the artist as a kind of asset factory, but I really don’t feel like that in orbus, which is awesome.

Case in point, those thumbnails are the only thing I sent over to robert before I started modelling that boss. I did the whole “So, i’ve got these sloppy thumbnails, but I know pretty much exactly how i want it to look. Can I just jump into modelling?” and he goes “yeah go ahead, I’m sure it’ll be good.” Bless! so gud.

/end gush

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We <3 the Lizard King.

Trex boss looks like it would make a good pet. :slight_smile:


Oh man, monday already. Weekends fly right by when you spend 10h/day playing witcher 3 instead of being a productive member of society :confused: :confused:

For monday madness, I’m gonna post something totally off-topic but thoroughly amusing:

A recounting of my first ever DMing experience, with the group from hell.


Fair warning, I didn’t write this, it was done by one of the players. It’s all text, but the group was a bunch of filthy deviants, so there was lots of family-unfriendly behaviour going on, and it’s not even close to being PC. It’s all text, but I’m going to say it’s NSFW for posterity.

I’m sorry in advance, it gets weird :'c

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Edit: I really should have read that story all the way through before posting, it was so much worse than I remember. Waaaay too filthy for me to post here, methinks. Consolation prize : a little 3d diorama I made based on the climactic ending of that game


is… is he… with the egg? He is, isn’t he. That is amazing.


Ohhhh, It’s that time of week already, artwork Wednesday yet again

We’re working hard getting ready for that open alpha, I’m really looking forward to seeing some new additions to this lovely community of ours.

This week’s post is going to be Tinny’s concept art (-NOT- tilly, as I was mistakenly calling her for ages)

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Monday madness time!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend, what with a 30(!) hour long open alpha and what not. I wasn’t in the game, so I’d love to hear some stories about some of the mischief you darn hooligans undoubtedly got into.

These are some -incredibly- early sketches, from october-ish maybe? We still hadn’t made the commitment to stylize proportions and in hindsight, I’m so glad we did, cause these sketches are hella ugly.

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Snow after the desert biome confirmed :stuck_out_tongue:
And that crazy jungle mage hat haha.

Also I notice that you initially wanted the desert biome being tier 3 and the jungle tier 4 hmmm.


Ha! if there’s discrepancies with order or things that don’t exist, chalk it up to me being confused. At that point in the project, I legit had no idea what I was doing and was just vomiting ideas at Riley all day

Edit: Case in point, this was my first draft from when we were trying to figure out faces:

Edit2: pretty sure I did these in MS Paint


Leaked tier 4 armor. Taking pictures now!


Nice try on the edit but I still have my pictures!


leotheshade is orbus boonk gang XD


Wow the new warlock class armor is looking good!


Love the tier 4 armors :smiley: imagine if that actually made it into the game