Elijah's self-indulgent art thread and shenanigan shack


I’d totally buy a poster and frame it on my wall


dude you made my day with that comment :smiley: :smiley:

Here’s another of those NPC sketches, this guy metamorphosed a couple times during modelling


Nice! Sir oscar’s actually one of my favorite characters ingame. Will we be seeing that sulking pose later in the story, or is it one of the parts that was changed in in modeling?


I’m not sure, I don’t actually remember animating him. it was during a big flurry of nonstop modelling for me so a lot of it is blurred together in my mind.


Oscar is by far, my favorite character.


So today I’m going to post something totally boring, but kind of historic. This was the -very first- piece of artwork i ever did for orbus, waaaay back when. Note the sketchy, overthought lines and unnecessary details. It was a very anxious sketch :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, here’s an important little piece of my personal history that I very often overlook.

Edit: today I’m watching Jamie XX - Gosh on repeat, because those aesthetics are just too amazing


My drawings of hands always turn into turkeys



Logan, you bring out the best/worst in me T_T


That’s disgusting in the best way!


Wow! So we know what the final raid boss looks like now.


I’m pretty sure south park 64 already used that idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man. That game was almost as bad as Superman 64. We don’t speak of such things!


although I completely acknowledge that it was all kinds of terrible, I lowkey kind of love that stupid, silly game.

Edit: south park, not superman. Fun story, when I was a tot, i was allowed to rent 1 game from blockbuster per month. I rented superman64, and legit cried cause it was so bad and I’d passed on renting banjo kazooie for the 10th time :c


Reading that actually made me really sad for you, I remember those days. I had a GameBoy Pocket (for those that don’t know its just a small version of the original GameBoy) and rented a GameBoy Colour game by mistake and had the exact same reaction. I never got to play Rayman until I got it on PC.


Oh no! I’m so sorry. My story actually has a somewhat happy ending, though! I broke my arm that year attempting a daring playground maneuver, and got to take like 3 weeks off school and managed to beat diddy kong racing, BK, goemons great adventure, and ocarina of time while I was off. It was a very formative experience, although i had to play exclusively with this thing (my cast didn’t fit in the standard n64 controller!):


Wow I own ooc and diddy and never beat either. I’m bad at games :stuck_out_tongue:


Can confirm :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s awesome, well besides the broken arm part haha.
But no worries haha, It just reminded me of that. I never had a console as a child, only something mobile like a GameBoy. I think that’s what really drove me to be a PC gamer and definitely was what got me into programming.


Diddy was legit super difficult though. Tried it again again for the nostalgia a few years ago, was amazed that my young self had those drift skillz. Couldn’t beat it as an adult


Diddy Kong racing was my jam! The opposite for me, Elijah. Couldn’t beat it when I was younger, but went back to it later in life to beat the hell out of Tic Tok and his dang time trials.