Eternal Knights: Recruitment


Eternal Knights is looking for active and dedicated level 20 players who have positive attitudes, incredible tenacity, and most importantly, a drive to learn and succeed.

One of the earliest guilds in Orbus, Eternal Knights is focused on collaborative teamwork without toxicity. We proudly do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, nationality, HMD choice, locomotion preference, or when someone started playing Orbus. We value positivity, skill, teamwork, and lack of egotism. We strive for a friendly, supportive environment and do not shy away from challenges or obstacles, even when they appears to be insurmountable.

Members of Eternal Knights include pre-alpha players up through those who joined the game after early access launch. Our membership covers the spectrum of in-game interests, from end-game PvE to hardcore PvP, crafting, exploration, game lore, theorycrafting and more. We have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is achievable in the world of Orbus and our drive has led to us being the most successful fellowship in Orbus by nearly any metric.

Lastly, Eternal Knights is founded on the two core principles of Honor and Dignity, which means we do not condone toxic behavior or cheating. We plan to continue to explore and conquer all aspects of Orbus with a strong priority on end-game PvE content, while striving to set a positive example for the community.

Interested individual should apply to us via our application process at . We look forward to meeting you.

-Draven and the rest of the Eternal Knights



If anyone wants to know more about EK free free to message me directly. We’re very welcoming people.


Arc will apply later today. ^.^


Just to clarify one thing. EK is only open to applications from level 20 players. Feel free to apply pre-20 and we will archive your application. Then just let us know when you hit 20 and we will get you into the applicant process.

If anyone has any questions feel free to message me directly and I can walk you through anything you need!