Evening out DPS


After reading all of the comments of Burnators post (90+ comment one),I’ve been thinking. Why not make all of the classes DPS equal? I’m not saying Mage would go to the wayside because then everyone would go scoundrel, I’m saying why not make it POSSIBLE (as in you must practice and practice as in rank V every show off all of that like mage) with practice. Then there would be more experienced people. For one thing you can get to 30 and get to end game content (to clarify as in have lvl 30 gear to do low level or even high level shards) without LEAVING THE WALLS OF HIGHSTEPPE. With this new idea this will force people to practice and get really good so they can do Hard Mode Raids. Any ideas?


People who aren’t good at the game shouldn’t be able to do end game content. Also, the classes aren’t really built like that. Some of them are easier than others, so if I can get the same max DPS on a shaman that I can on a Mage, why on earth would anyone go mage?
The reason why people go mage right now even though its harder is because it feels good to get those really high numbers.

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I see what you mean, but what I’m thinking is make it like a preference. I know they should be able to do it but I’m taking about the people who don’t even know how to get charges on their hammer kind of players.


What you just said confuses me more than you can possibly know. Please rephrase.


Lemme try. I am saying I agree but to make a preference so that people who play mage don’t need to cast as fast as they do to keep up, just be able to pull off their rotation perfect. Then it would be a preference to play mage (as in they enjoy it) or play like scoundrel (because they like it).


People don’t just like their class because of the weapon that they use. Everyone likes classes for different reasons. Also, it would be like a slap in the face to the people who try really hard doing the hardest things in the game, just for them to get the same damage as someone who is perfectly doing a very easy task.


Ummm I agree maybe I should revise my idea… what about evening them a little bit?


I honestly don’t know what they can do to make shamans stronger rather than just increasing their DPS, but I feel like that would end up with them being OP. Scoundrel got way over nerfed. Ranger is already close to mage damage (Bring all the other classes up to the level of mage by making them more difficult for more damage would be ideal. Boost the other classes, don’t hinder mage).

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I think there’s been several topics about this already today, just post in those


Dude I told you before go away, I post it separately if I wish. Stop means stop.


What if they leave shaman alone and buff other classes?


there are enough threads on class dps

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Ok and this is my thread. If you don’t like it or don’t have something that is helpful to add do us all a favor and don’t click


you are literally just suggesting what everyone else is suggesting/discussing in the other threads

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So what. Why do you care.


I don’t really care that much, but there is a post here and there is no need for it


This is, aside from the required skill curve of mage, the idea they went with when they made the new classes. Ideally, all classes have the same capability with sufficient skill; in practice, not so much. But if it were a simple fix, they likely would have done it already.

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There is no need for your negative comment


I see what you mean :confused:


Pretty sure what he meant is that there is already a thread that has been started ie Class Balancing
and it’s slightly redundant to start another thread. It’d be a bit more organized to keep the same topics in the same thread.

Also in Class Balancing we are talking about class balancing, in which most of the focus is trying to even out the dps of dps classes, with different factors in mind as well.