Explore The Realm Update - Results, Doubling This Week's Points!

Hey everyone, following last week’s announcement that we would be matching the points on Explore The Realm, you’ve managed to earn over 1.3million points that week! We’re impressed by your hard work and we’ve decided to double the points instead of just matching them once, so we’ve added 2.6 million to the progress.

We’re going to be doing the same thing with this week’s points, so keep up the great work!

This week’s objectives:

Enraged Barking Stafrusher - 50
King Stag - 25
Scav Knight - 50

Sour Bells - 50
Rotten Fingers - 50
Enhanced Healing Potion - 100


We would all love you if you took some event-chest dyes like brown sugar, red brick, etc…

Public event mobs (defend the gate mobs) for the kill list please

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Well I dunno what the problem with the API is, last time it worked just fine. But I reconsidered that a blind-competition makes no sense for me…

Now this week a raid boss in the kill-list?! Makes not much sense imo, least not if killing 5 Assasins gives already more points.
Assasins are good, these can be combined with grinding, but this raid-boss slot could’ve been filled with red dlc mobs instead, to reduce stress on the only two grinding places.
Then, 15 points for a Sunfish, only? Fishing is one of the most timeconsuming and - for me - most boring activities, I’d rather save these for potions then.

But even if others should be fine with the point-assignments, the biggest issue: Our points do nothing, the calculation was off from the start, sorry. We are past half the time, the bar is no-where near half. And even if it would be, that means we are just matching official release time, there’s no chance to speed-up except with devs help. Probably it was not anticipated that week after week more people stop participating (could’ve been figured from last time though…).

I would really not complain or mind it much if there was some constant daily and weekly point-competition between players (list of points), as it was last time. That would’ve been fun, to see how far I could go, compared with others, with this and that resource and kill list.
But I figured a blind top 10 or whatever in the end is not motivation enough, for me, to burn resources and playtime to no avail.

Over 200k points are enough, my resources go to AH or straight to the vendor from now on (if for once no-one else is faster I launch an xp bomb on weekends from profits…). I’m done.


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