Farewell to Old, Welcome the new


I just want to say how much Ive enjoyed my adventures in orbus in it’s current incarnation. And while Im super stoked for Reborn, Ill miss the current world.

Really hoping there’s a farewell event on April 1st, itd be a great day to be silly and say farewell to the old world.


if there is one it may be in Lakewood in that’s where a lot of them are held


Although these events tend to be a lagfest they are fun nontheless, and I hope there will be some event like fireworks or whatever :smiley:


On April first you should enable pvp for all characters. Once you die. It’s the end of your adventure in orbus original.


We definitely need to hold on to our dear memories of the-before-time.

Like that time when some pagan went mad and created the burning forest

Or that time when some pagan liked a flower and thought cultivating it with magic would be a great idea with totally no negative ecological side effects

Or that time when a great legendary runemage transfigured himself into a blue unicorn

Or that time when…

shameless plug to hopefully bring more stories to the folk tales thread


Or that time when an overconfident slayer of beasts decided to take a photo op instead of doing his job resulting in the deaths of many brave adventurers


A forbidden experiment in the middle of the forest, combining all the light of the world into a single vessel.
We told ourselves that it was for the future of mankind, but deep down we all knew we were all just drunk on Ithecac.


Or that time when a reckless adventurer pissed an herd of redtails off

Or when he went on a rescue mission thinking the enemy was only one…

Or when he saw his Doppelgänger surrounded by creatures of darkness :fearful:


That is fantastic!!! Need those scary/adventure stories immortalized!


something or that one time an adventurer thought it would be fun to ride a giant dino

or stair down an angry plant

or accidently viewed something no one wanted to see


Last man standing gets killed by dev world boss who suddenly appears! Lol


Or when someone falls through the ice and gets stuck and no matter how much people want to save them, they cannot…Capture1


even squib could not help not mater how much he tried


he got board though




stog troll highstep friend


Or that time where some idiot named Ticky played the game for a year without knowing that you’re supposed to put your sword behind your back at the end of a combo to activate the ability, and as a result under-performed so much that he only got to level 17 over a year of playing


The warrior charge mechanic was added in a June 2018 patch.


XD Hope you hit 20 now bro


Or the several times of playing Russian Roulette with ruined potions outside the Player House in Highsteppe <3