Feedback for Reborn

I’m really liking reborn so far. Here are some observations:

  1. I can’t buy any of the in game items. The better looking mounts. I’m using Vive and Steam. I click “would you like to buy this item for 9.99?” Yes. Nothing happens.

  2. The health bar for enemies dipping down when I look down is annoying. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug.

  3. The damage numbers are always on top of whatever a player is doing. Sometimes I miss loading a bullet in my musket because of the damage spam. Would be nice if it didnt supersede everything, or if there was an option to change this.

  1. Try taking your headset off and looking at your monitor after you click yes. Sometimes there is a security dialog or something that pops up? Here’s a thread about it:
    Cosmetic Shop Not Working
  2. This is intentional. It’s supposed to be so you don’t have to look up to see health and buffs/debuffs. It’s not my personal favorite either, but meh.

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