Feedback on Ranger Changes

I love the direction you’re going with the ranger. Rewarding the ranger for getting quality shots instead of rewarding them for just spamming arrows at point blank range! This is a great change!

After a bit of testing though, 25% dmg for having all 5 globes isn’t enough to make that play style more dps. Not really even close.

At point blank range I can shoot 3-4 arrows every second (it’s really not that hard). At 10-15 yards I drop down to around 1 arrow a second if I want to be accurate. Beyond 15 yards it takes a second to really aim (specially on a moving target), so I’d say 0.5 arrows a second.

So here are some loose math numbers:
Damage over 2 seconds:
Point blank: 6-8 arrows at 100% dmg = 600-800% damage
10-15 yards: 2 arrows at 125% dmg = 250% damage
15+ yards: 1 arrow at 125% dmg = 125% damage

Obviously these numbers are estimated and some people seem to shoot faster than me. But you get the idea!

Suggested Fix:
Spamming arrows isn’t hard, or fun, just tiresome. If we don’t want to reward that play style then the damage bonus for quality shooting needs to be much much higher. And/or the damage done at short range needs to have a penalty.

I’m definitely not looking for the ranger to be overpowered, but I’d love to be rewarded for getting in long ranged headshots. It’s so satisfying to pull those off. Then to see them do basically the same damage as spamming up close makes it feel a lot less meaningful.


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