Closed Beta 4 Feedback

You know the drill, here’s the thread for tomorrow’s test. See you then!


Hells yeah! Here we go again :smiley:

I’ll see if I can’t make an appearance this time… :smile:

The download is now available for the Beta tomorrow. If you already have the Launcher installed, just run it to get the latest patch. If you haven’t yet downloaded anything because it’s your first test, you’ll find the instructions here:


The Patch Notes have now been updated for the test tomorrow.

In addition, I wanted to let you all know that it was our intention to get the end-game dungeon, Tradu Mines, out the door at the start of this test; however, due to all the effort that went into the art style overhaul, we’re having to delay it a bit. Our hope is that it should be available to play in a couple of weeks during this test. The nice thing about the test lasting several weeks is that we have time to put out content as we get it done, so there will be more coming on that in the future. Thanks!


There’s a new patch out for download this morning (as has become tradition). Just restart your launcher to get it. I think we’re all set now for the Beta to begin – see you in a bit!

Trying to update, but for 4 time same error:
i tried to make exception in firewall and run as admin, still same problem. Any ideas?

Try downloading this, it’s a pre-packaged version that already has the patch downloaded:

The server is now online. Enjoy!

first to crash, as always lol

You had a hard crash, not a disconnect?

Remind me, were you one of the people who I had to do the “Graphics Jobs Disabled” build for before?

another hard crash. yes i had a special build in beta2

Okay gimme a moment and I will try that again and see if that fixes it.

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@Shiki Try using this one:

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The two shield graphics are flip flopped

When worn, the bigger shield looks like the buckler, and the buckler has the graphic of the tower shield.

Whoops, okay, thanks. What you see on your person is correct (so if you see the Big Shield then you get extra protection). I will swap the icons.

also, when looking at another player who has their shield pulled out, the shield hovers about 1meter away from their hand

Both shields are tradeable