Fireball 3, Frost 3, Arcane Blast, Arcane Ray suggestions


The speed of which you can cast fireball 2, and the lack of a viable shortcut for fireball 3 renders it just a precast.
Suggestion: AoE fireball damage, 2ndary targets take less damage.

Frost 3 actually is used, for soloing when slowing mobs or sometimes in fights when massive slow is needed. However for most purposes its ignored.
Suggestion: For extra utility give it AoE, 2ndary targets take less damage - applies slow. Would pair well with ice lance follow ups.

Arcane Blast used to be good when True Affliction was good. It does very little damage, though to a group of like 4 or more mobs it can be okay… that said you are normally beating down a single target mob to either kill a tougher mob before the weak ones or just to reduce the number to 3 so the group takes less damage. It’s real use-case is to aggro a group of mobs such as at the guard-the-fence event.
Suggestion: To be honest, I’m not sure exactly. All I know is that it needs some change, maybe have it apply a worthwhile magic damage debuff.

Arcane Ray: The graphics look outdated compared to other spells, it looks very weak, sounds very weak, and is very weak.
Suggestion: A “hold down the A-button to continue the spell” ie a “channeled spell”. Maybe if the spell broke upon taking damage (thinking PvP balance)? It does pretty low damage. A modification of this would be the make the spell last much longer as long as you held down the A-button(with some kind of spell effect/visual indicator the duration is about to end), and releasing the button would end the spell early. I’d also consider juicing this spell up in terms of damage, maybe the damage/size grows in strength as you channel it. Due to the simplicity of casting this spell, I’d make it a decent AoE spell but less damaging than something more challenging like fireball 3 or frost 3/icelancing.