First Lich King Solo with Thoughts



Just soloed the new Lich King as a Level 18 Bard and wanted to give my thoughts about it.
Glitch with the fight:
-Just want to point out the one glitch I see with the fight, the Lich stops attacking after awhile after the 75% phase, making his only attacks the orb death circle (see gif) and the summoning of undead.

Other than that, because of the mechanic that if you are melee range, the boss will melee and if you are at a distance, the boss’s attacks will be ranged. As I see it, the only way to beat the boss is Bard, Musky, and maybe Paladin. The reason all the other classes are unable is because the warrior would take too much damage from melee attacks, if not that their shield would break during the undeads. Ranger/Mage/Shaman all die to undead too easily, as they can’t heal through the damage.

Was dumb and didn’t start recording until the end of the fight (mid-combat I may add), but got the kill nonetheless. (Also only reason I used potions was because it requires lots of movement otherwise to barely be able to kill the undead)
Comment if you soloed it before me, however I think I’m the first :hugs:


Yeah I think I commented on this in another thread already, but basically that boss’ mechanics you are essentially able to dodge so it is possible to beat it even if you don’t have a tank right now. I may change it in the future to cause it to do the melee attack only but honestly being the first dungeon I’m kind of okay with it.

So you’re saying you can essentially just heal through the undead skeletons?

Also are you saying you got all the way to that point in the dungeon solo? Or you had a group but then you just did the boss solo?


I have to be fully charged up by playing my two damage orbs to get max healing and save the healing orb crescendo for when I get low health, but with pots, yes I can barely survive through their damage. Without pots I cannot or possibly barely if I constantly play and teleport away. Really unlikely though, as I tried multiple times each time really close but not there without pots.

I ran past maybe 3 groups at the start, healing back to full in between each of them. Then when I got in the area I paladin hammered into the Lich King area.


I really like that it doesn’t melee, it’s a lot more fun as a range class, if you lose a few people because they don’t dodge then you can still have a long dragged out but successful kill if there is a healer to save you from the undead, I’m not saying that all fights should be like this but I do think it’s a nice change to have every now and then and it’s awesome when you get to save the day :sweat_smile:


Oh okay, good to know. Thanks for the info!


I guess you are the first, but I soloed with a level 13 Musky :smiley:

But it was a hell long fight, could be close to 45 mins or an hour even (still searching for the log), no one really would like to do that, since you only can place a few poison before the add-phase comes (also used turret on damage and crit/int potion, but still wayyy too few dmg).
The boss got a fun mechanic and can’t really hurt a moving solo player, once you can heal up ad-damage every such class should be fine. But I definitly prefer the group-mode.