First Time Players/Tutorial Feedback

Any feedback from players playing for the first time, or from past players on their first time playing. I’m really interested in the first impressions in relations to what we teach you to do through the tutorial if you came into the game knowing nothing about Orbus. Also if the first cpl levels/quests (4 and under) were easy to follow without having to look to outside sources (wikki, forums) for help to complete them. Some of the more advanced mechanics in game (warrior combos, mage spells,etc) are not taught through the tutorial, instead we are hoping will be taught through the community during player to player interactions.

This game is something I definitely look forward to seeing mature and develop.

I found the starting area a bit lack luster. I think it would make more sense to start with basic movement controls and then working on weapon / item interaction. I also was lost on what to do with a reward once it was provided. I couldn’t figure out how to open the reward and equip it.

The interface would benefit from borders or area that clearly identify where to point and click etc. I found the start to be slow and rather repetitive. I would have rather just start in a newbie zone and figure the tutorial lessons out on my own, or at least given the option.

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ok thanks for the feedback

I’d have to say the tutorial is a pretty big weakness of the game. You do a lot of things right, but the game depends pretty heavily on external sources of information to be understood.

I’m hoping for some feedback from some first time users on what they think specifically was hard to find/complete, as we want players first experience to be a good one in game. We will keep tweaking it until we feel its right, though we still want player to player interaction to learn more advanced moves.

This isn’t my feedback, it’s from my wife whom started a new char

I watched my wife make a character and there were a couple things that weren’t immediately clear to her. When using the bow the first thought was that there would be a setting that would swap main hands to hold the bow in her left hand, and it wasn’t clear at first that there are two weapon slots for each left and right. The other things I think were mostly just not noticing the small text that shows up by your hand telling you how to do some things.

I found the tutorial area to be weak as well. I had to go the wiki to find information about warrior combos and am about to head back there for some quest information for the witch. I still haven’t found anything on how to go fishing.
I know you guys are going for the social aspect and I love you guys for that, a lot of MMO’s don’t do that anymore. But as an introvert playing at 2am, I would still like a way in game to get the info. lol

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

Not knowing about combos kind of hurt my first experience with another player. I was just making figure eights to attack since it seemed to be doing more damage than regular directional slashes and felt a little more consistent on hits. A caster that had been following me laughed and told me to quit the game and go read the wiki for a while. I know he was just being helpful, but man have I felt dumb all day over this…and I’m still not even sure I’m doing combos correctly after reading on them.
Aside from that I haven’t had much trouble with quests yet though have still been primarily killing rabbits and hiding in my house from players to play around with attacks more. I really like the compass and journal. The only other thing I’d have to whine about is tool-tips being a little hard to trigger in the inventory screen and items not always being clear on what to do with. Haven’t figured out pet treats yet and it took me reading the wiki to realize the orbs for the musket are different and not just multiples in case I lose one somehow. Though that one is more from me not looking at them more closely and just assuming based on color.

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There is definitely a balance between “need to know” and “useful but not mandatory” things like the warrior combos. A warrior who can’t use a provoke combo has no single target threat gen. As a long time player I think the devs need to find a way to explain these core class mechanics ingame because they’re mandatory and leave new players feeling silly.

Orbus is still being tweaked and as a primary warrior I love the class. The combos, strategies, and feeling of being a total hero is incredible. If you fall, your party is in deep sludge. If you see me ingame (Logan, level 20 warrior) say hi and I’ll help any way I can!


I just have to bring my thoughts on this as well (even thou I am not a first time player).

If found the tutorial weak from the start, and I was hoping, and still am that it will be improved a lot. I am not talking about the combo’s here. I am talking about the type of interaction that is really boring, the fact that everything it possible to complete with one class. You have to wear the other classes items even thou you can just switch back to your class to complete the mission. Also a lot is not checked here. You have for example no need to use the shield while that was part of the tutorial… Force people to do the thing they are suppose to learn please.

On the combo’s, I really disagree about the fact that you have to hear from other players that there are even combo’s in the game at all. This is a bit better handled after the Witch/mage quest but still lacks the requirement to cast any spell before leaving the quest. Really the best thing to do here, if you still want people to talk to each other about spells/combo’s etc. you should force the player to execute at least one special/spell/combo for every class in their tutorials before letting them free. This way people are still missing the info of all the specials/spells/combos and will ask/hear from each other about all those missing specials/spells/combos. This also makes them aware that such things exists, and that is a good thing.

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When I started the game I didn’t know how to talk to npcs so I just walked around until someone told me. maybe put a sign up telling you how to talk to npcs would be good

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did you have a chance to do the tutorial? Guardian Bart has some text above his head explaining this. If you havent had a chance to play tutorial it explains some of the mechanics that could trip you up later ( compass, journal, etc)

Try logging out and sending a log report, and log back in this has solved the problem for a few people, if not well dive deeper into it.

One thing that stands out for me was the map.

Guardian Bart said to look at my map to see where to go for the first quest that took me out of the tutorial starting area. I spent several minutes looking in my inventory for the bloody map before I gave up, figuring it wasn’t actually in game, yet.

Found it by accident later when I was randomly turning pages in my journal.

In retrospect, I think having the map incorporated into the journal is great. But having never seen that before, it never occurred to me to look there. I wasted time looking for something called “Map” and felt irritated and foolish once I found it.

Thought of something else.

Under the Marksman tutorial, Guardian Bart says something about how to switch between damage and healing by ‘shaking’ then dropping or throwing something. I have no clue what he was talking about.

I thought maybe he meant that red ball like thing that appears on my chest when I equip the musket, but I repeatedly grabbed, shook, and threw it. The only thing it seemed to be useful for was to become a target. :wink:


Ok, something else!

Let’s say some rabid, gnarly, giant rabbit decides it doesn’t like me poking at it with shiny, sharp metal objects, and it bites me. Well, ouch!

Ok, now I am hurt. How do I heal? Must I take a potion, or cast a spell? Shoot myself with an orb? What if I just stand around for a while? Does simply passing time in a non-combat activity heal me?

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Haha I was in the same boat initially. The red target looking thing is a actually an automated turret buddy :slight_smile: for healing, equip the health (there’s a gradual heal and instant heal version) bullet to your ammo slot in your inventory (you can equip 4 types of ammo) and then just pop the bullet type you wish to use into the barrel of your rifle. And yes, then you shoot yourself (just aim down)

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All of this was from day one, I haven’t been able to play after that. This was my first time playing and I thought the ranger and musketeer tutorial were fine, they gave you the basics and got you started. I did not have an issue with switching the bow to my other hand like someone else did because I believe the tutorial suggests you do that if you are right handed. The warrior tutorial was not good. It didn’t tell me any combos or anything, there is nothing about combos listed in my journal either. I looked at the wiki and I have tried doing the wound combo but it works maybe 1/10 times. I’ve tried doing it slowly, fast, moving my shield way out of the way or not even having it equipped. I could be doing it wrong, is there anything displayed when you do it right? I think I have seen something a few times but I’m not even sure now.

I got a phone call right after Bart told me what to do next and by the time I got back to the game I had no idea what he had said. I waved at Bart and I forget what he said exactly but it was not helpful and he just repeated it over and over if you waved again. That wasn’t going anywhere and I didn’t know where to look for my journal yet because he had not covered that. I figured he wanted me to go kill something so I went over and killed the big rat… Nope. I wandered around a bit and finally killed a dummy and the quest finished. There was nothing other than the initial text from Bart to direct me what to do next. This shouldn’t really happen to many people unless they don’t read the text at all or miss parts of it, but some will do that. It’s also possible I missed some visual cue like a glow on the dummy but I didn’t notice anything.

I had a really great time playing so far. Combat was fun but took some positioning to get things just right. I still feel a little lost with where to go and what to do next but that’s to be expected when you first start a game. I know it’s in the journal and I’ll explore more soon.

How hard to solo should a monster with a red gem above their head with a blue banner be? Really hard? Impossible?