Fishing reel speed in the steamVR build is way slower than the oculus build

on oculus you reel in about 42% faster than SteamVR

In the video I start the timers roughly when the bobber is next to the dock pole and stop it roughly when it hits the “shore”. Takes about 7 seconds on oculus and 10 seconds on steamVR.


This is a HUGE difference. I got my Index yesterday, and was looking forward to spending all the over level perk points I had saved up to get that extra fish percentage. I’m missing out on a LOT of fish though. Like, it may be worth it to keep the Rift CV1 plugged in just for fishing, because it’s a significant difference.

For somebody like me that spends probably 75% of their active time in-game fishing, I would be very grateful for Index/SteamVR fishing to get the speed increase it needs. Please. I might stop bugging you about Bard if you fix this :smiley:

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I made a thread about this before too, hopefully the Devs don’t ignore yours like they did mine

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I believe this is due to the framerate difference between all the headsets, because it’s also different on different graphical settings I think - we have it on our todo list, but I don’t know when we’ll be able to take a look at it yet.

both of the tests happened with the same framerate

Run it on revive and it is also faster with the oculus version then on running it on steam. Difference is in software not hardware

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I was actually considering buying a 2nd copy on the Oculus store just to fish lol


With two aged fishing potions on Index I caught 97 fish. With Rift CV1, I was getting 70-80 per potion :frowning: maybe I just need more practice on this headset but the disparity is so hurtful.

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We’ve been working on a fix for this issue that we hope to be able to push out next week in a patch.


Hey, it’s only been 3 days since this post went up. Settle down now, you’re fixing things too fast!

This issue has bin around for years @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka :rofl:

Yeah but they don’t fix it until it effects the mob boss