Fishing takes too much time


Honestly for me if i wanted to fish I would go out and sit on the river bank. But I don’t … I hate fishing. And its required to play this game … at least when your on a MSQ you should boost the catch rate. I don’t want to stand around all day catching green bass. Also a better explanation of the lures in game would be super helpful unless i missed something. I ended up just googling the best lure for the fish i need.


What MSQ are you on? I can’t remember needing to fish for MSQ :thinking:


I share your sentiment on fishing. Never been a fan of it in any game. I just purchased the fish for that quest, then realized the “fishing quest” at the hut near the lake was just that, a fishiing only quest and nothing to do with MSQ. Just ignored the rest of it.


If I remember correctly, Ernest gives hints in dialogue regarding fish and lures. Also fish tend to like lure parts dropped in that particular area. It isn’t a perfect rule of thumb, but fishing is another aspect of Orbus that has a chance for discovery and figuring things out :heart:.
I really like fishing at night. Fishing is also pretty optional, so if it isn’t your cup of tea, see if you can obtain fish through buying at a market stall for dram or trading, maybe for Harvestables or as a thank you for your time helping with quests/dungeons, something.
If you think you may like fishing if it were quicker paced, fishing potions are nice. Those can usually be found in stalls, or if you like making potions, you could do that. The best ones are aged.
I don’t like making potions, so I usually harvest or fish in exchange for them.
In summation, you don’t have to fish if you don’t want you. I can’t think of it being relevant to anything MSQ. The fishing questline will give you neat looking fishing gear eventually, but I’m pretty sure that’s it. There’s one potion I had to make by myself with MSQ, and it called for sunfish, but up to me on how I obtained the sunfish. The Unofficial Community Discord has a trade channel, and Reborn will also have Auction House, so just do what you like and contribute to economy stuff :+1:

Sorry Scott, on mobile and not sure why it thinks I’m replying to you :sweat_smile:


The level of direction given is rather confusing for new players. So its not to say that there arn’t other ways to obtain fish but the most forward way would be to get the fish from the water. Additionally even if i considered buying them, which i wont if the game offers a free way to obtain an item, id have to have the money and the stalls are generally more than I had at the time. Even with the potions I found the fishing experience wanting on the speed side. I at least need a pace of 1 fish per cast like WoW. When I’m throwing a line out 6 times before i get anything its super frustrating. Plus I’m a completionist so I NEED to farm my achievements lol.

I do like that you have to yank the line and “hook” the fish and that you have to “fight” the fish by watching the red line but its just SO SLOW.

As to some of your statements …
You expect me to read dialog? lol I been playing mmo’s for so long i cant be bothered to read all the dialog, only whats important.

materials for lures found in areas you catch fish? I had to get small teeth from boars in the forest to make a lure to catch bass in the starting town … how is that same area


I was referring to the last meal quest. To be fair it may not be required to catch them but its also the free way to obtain them.


Ooh an interesting thing about slow reeling. If you have higher fps you reel faster :sweat_smile:

I complained in the past before that I sometimes reel in way too fast and that that must have been some kind of glitch. But it was other way around lol. You should check if you have 90 fps or not while reeling might speed things up a lot more :grimacing: (Yes flaw of the current game. Hopefully will be fixed in reborn.)


With aged fishing potions you usually get a fish per throw and with the gear you get from the quests your line gets stronger and reeling in isn’t as much of a pain.

What me and a lot of other people do is having a window with Netflix, anime or something like that pinned in oculus dash for those on oculus or OVRDrop for those on vive.

But for the MSQ you don’t need to catch a lot so I guess using a potion wouldn’t be worth it.

Quick tip, you don’t have to wait for the lure to slowly come to you. Just reel in as soon as it hits the water and hook it when a fish bites.


It sounds odd since I am in top 30 regarding fish caught, but I do as well. The only thing that saves me is what @Asmund_T said, watch netflix while doing so (animes are great, they are lasting around 20 mins that is the duration of 1 fishing potion).

And without (aged) fishing potions it is a flatout waste of time, I hope they think that over in the long run because new players getting like 4 outta 15 throws is just painful.

Whenever I see cheap fish I am buying them to save time, my only rule is they must be so cheap that I could get the amount in around the same time I would have spent fishing them myself.


Interesting tips. I didn’t know about Netflix in Vive while playing. Is it like an overlay? Or do I have to tab in and out?


For vive you need to use OVRdrop rather than the software that comes with it

It will let you overlay the window and then you can just sit back and fish


Dope I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!


No problem, as others have mentioned, I’d recommend aged fishing pots too


yea, i watch anime while i play (using oculus dash)


Cast an reel in. The chances of catching a fish is determined on how far you cast, not the time the lure spends in the water.

Robert - dev team
“The farther you cast the better off you are, you are loosing durabillity if you make a 1 ft cast into water or a 100 ft cast.”

“If you just want to be more relaxed and aren’t in a hurry because you’re taking a break, you can let it bob toward shore on its own. Either way you’re getting the same number of chances to catch the fish (again, depending on how far out you cast and your lure).”

Also, fishing potions make a HUGE difference in your catch rate. If you have luck rings, wear them too. Luck also plays a big chance in your catch rates.


I miss the old fishing, where you could move around and even harvest while fishing, and the fish wouldn’t run away from you.

For me it got way to buggy after the change, and any type of bug usually costs me the lure.

Would enjoy it more if both snaping line and fleeing lure was restricted to some fish types.

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