FIX Warrior Provoke

Or we could not boost it at all and have them learn and get better at the game instead of having everything handed to them

everyone here have play warrior long time and i feel like doing better is not a right judgment to say when i myself love playing warrior but warrior is unplayable in most dungons i run in they always use pally have 1k every damage swing and heal great then a warrior

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How is not right judgement? If you wanna be good at something in life then you gotta work for it

you will just anger the users who play warrior long time how will someone tell you to do better on a class you play a long time and have issues and someone how dont main the class someone say to you do better is just make them very angery

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Ever if it makes them angry, getting better is part of playing a game
Also I picked up on like 30% of what you said…

whats your gear on your warrior and pally

+5 warrior and +6 paladin

so you need to do better on your warrior when you more gear your pally and then talking in this suggest to do better when I have perfect gear and and +6 sword on warrior and +6 pally hammer and I have experience warrior issues and main the class also and see a lot in t15 dungons

Look I’m sorry but I just can’t understand what you said

then try to learn to understand my English then


instend of getting more off topic the whole day i strongely agree with other 99%of people warrior provoke need to be look on or have the pally do equal damage as a warrior please no dont just say do better

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This made 0 sense. I’m sorry but it did. That entire half paragraph was a run on sentence making it very difficult to understand. If you’re just gonna have that attitude I’m not even gonna bother.

Potato has said this. I have said this. If the warrior is not receiving enough healing from the provoke, then they need to provoke faster. You can fight bosses on 15s with no healer on warrior. If the provoke is not healing them enough then they just have to get better at it. Simple.

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people i know have the fastest tile and still compain about provoke and have no healer. I also use the fast tile i can prock the faster tile its not best to push someone to pain or get very tired when someone cant really prock the faster tile .also try tanking as a warrior in crpyt and abandoned temple as a warrior at level 15 with no healer and come back and tell me nothing is wrong. like potato said before in fattercat post about warrior he jumps out of mistkeeper aoe and some user are not capable of getting jumps right and might kill the team worst is fatigue jumps will lower stamina on every jump.

I can tank almost all trash(all trash if the group is coordinated enough to focus targets) and a couple of the bosses without a healer at all in level 15 shards, so how is that not enough healing?
That is “top 1%” or something, so why shouldn’t the rest be able to do it with a healer?


its not only health the issue with warrior .also damage it does before reborn was greater and now in reborn is far less then a pally do greater damage then a warrior . plus the level 15 shards i have run or hear pally greater used and dont tell me its a separate class when both are tanks and one damage is not equal it is not scaled equal in tank class

right, but that’s e separate topic, this thread was about provoke healing, not warrior damage output.


No one is pushing anyone to pain. If we we improve for it for the “under 1%” of top players, there will be no motivation to improve and learn. Every class has their challenges and this is warriors. Practicing and provoking faster.

The only thing I see when reading through this thread is that some people aren’t interested in improving themselves, and would rather have the devs make their job easier. As far as I see it since it is not impossible to survive t15s as a warrior (without a healer) then there is no reason why most warriors should not be able to do so when given the time to master their class.

Maybe it would be better to ask the devs to make it so that you can do more swings per second than what is currently possible, then they adjust the numbers from there. That would add more difficulty to the class, and allow people to put in more effort to gain better results. This would be a much better way of spending your time on the forums rather than flat out asking them to increase numbers to make the game easier.


I just started to like warrior a bit but now If you were to make the warrior do slightly more damage and have the ability to do a few more combos, I wouldn’t be asking for a new DPS melee class if they just made the warrior an optional dps instead of pulling agro the whole time, this argument over 3v1 was so unnecessary on both ends but maybe instead of being rude you could try just not saying anything at all. Overall the warriors pick rate after the player base explains to the new players that the warrior isn’t good enough, when I started I first didn’t know how to switch classes without making a new character so I made a warrior and got to lvl 5 and then I went into highstep not knowing that I was supposed to pull on the door nob not push on it :man_facepalming:. After that I ran into the mass of lvl 30 players and a few lvl 10- players as I went through I saw a sad sight literally every 20 palis above lvl 30 compared to every lvl 30 warrior I saw was 20-0 meaning I saw no lvl 30 warriors. After that I proceeded to wander and realizing that my class had a lower percentage of lvl 30 player I kinda lost hope in it, I saw many 10- warriors and wondered why the class was not often found above 10. That question is still unanswered but if you know please tell me. I hate to say it but lower lvls are persuaded by the higher lvls to pick their class and since I saw very few +10 warriors it’s kinda sad but new players are more obligated to pick Pali since the warriors never show there faces very much. I’m trying to get to lvl 30 on warrior if you are a lvl 30 warrior I normally wonder around highstep thinking, but yeah I need help with the class.

Questions for warriors:

1st of all thanks for being a warrior and the help on these many questions.

1: am I hitting my shield when I swing because sometimes I do a combo and my shield loses health and it sounds like I’m hitting it?

2: is this class viable as DPS?

3: When I teleport to an enemy does it draw agro on the nearby enemies?

4: can you block the laser that buffs the left most raid boss with the shield? If not then devs make this a thing.

5: What is the most important combo other than provoke?

6: Why do you choose this class over others?

I ask these here because I cant ask a warrior in game if I can’t find a warrior in game.