Getting Backer Rewards

You can get the rewards for your account for pre-ordering/backing the game from the NPC in Highsteppe. They are straight ahead after you exit your Player House. They have a dialogue bubble above their head. Just speak with them and they will give your rewards.

For clarification, here’s what you should get:

Backer (and above):
Confetti Gun
Backer Cape

Founder (and above)
Founder Cape
House Deed

Epic Founder (and above)
Epic Founder Cape
Fellowship Certificate

If you backed the game during the Kickstarter campaign when it was active, you will also receive a Dragon pet.

If you think you did not get a reward that you should have, please respond to this thread and let us know the name of your character and what reward you didn’t receive and I will investigate further.



sparky my dragon for the tire

It looks like you bought the game on the website, not during Kickstarter. The Dragon pet was a Kickstarter-only reward. There will be more pets to get in the future, though (including some different dragon ones), but they’re not available yet.

Grounder: Epic founder: looking for the dragon :slight_smile:

Hey Grounder, it looks like you bought the game from us about 20 days ago, not during the Kickstarter campaign. As I said in my previous post, the specific Dragon pets that are in the game currently are a Kickstarter-exclusive reward. We will have additional pets (including pet dragons) to get in the near future, but they’re not in yet.

also what about the hats that the site said were available I’ve spoken to a couple of people who remember that was also there

i remember that the description on the website when i bought the game told me i was going to get a hat (dident get) pet dragon(dident get) house key (got) and a fellowship thing. (got)
talking to other players they also have this complaint

It was originally going to be a hat but we changed it to a cape a while ago, which you should have received already. We’re sorry, but the dragon is Kickstarter only. You can see here for the confirmation.

We’ll also provide each In-Game Item pack above with a pet to start you off – a tiny dragon! The Backer Dragon, Founder Dragon, and Epic Founder Dragon will only be available to backers of this Kickstarter campaign.

As Matheiu said, we changed the Backer/Founder/Epic Founder hats into capes, that’s simply something that happened as we developed the game (we decided to do cosmetic capes instead of cosmetic hats). We discussed this in a blog post here:

One change that we are making is that instead of hats, we are now going to do capes (for Founder, Epic Founder, etc.) That’s just a result of the way the game actually developed…we ended up using the “back” slot as our cosmetic slot instead of the head. Not a big deal but just wanted to let you all know.

Here is a screenshot of what the website said:

We specifically did not include Dragon pets in the description on the site because they were Kickstarter-only rewards.

With all of that said, I apologize if that was not clear to you or if you purchased a package thinking you were getting something that was not going to be included. That’s not what we want.

So here’s what we’re going to do. The dragons that are already in the game are Kickstarter rewards, but we will introduce a new dragon that everyone can get as part of a quest line. We’ll do that on Friday, and I’ll make a new post at that time letting everyone know how to get it.

when did i buy it? can i has a dragon yet?

I forget if i’m eligible for the dragon. i had one in beta so i’m assuming so

The only way to get the Kickstarter dragons was to back in the Kickstarter campaign and not off our website, there seems to be some confusion so Riley addressed it in the post above.

can’t remember if i backed during kickstarter. Idk if the dragon was just given to everyone during the beta, or if that’s a good indication on if i am eligible.

The dragons were available to everyone in the Beta. You bought the game 28 days ago. The Kickstarter was in April :slight_smile:

word, thank you very much!

Hi Orbus team - i backed kickstarter but didn’t get the dragon when i spoke to the backer rewards NPC

character name - Rivingoth

Okay well look into it, you can jump in game while we look into it.

Not sure on where this one should go, I did get all of my backer rewards, but never got the Super Beta Leveler Achievement/cape. The achievement was earned on my char PyraAlt near the end of the Beta, my main was/is Pyrarrows.

Has anyone gotten this that was supposed to? Just wondering if it’s just a one-off error or if it didn’t work at all.