GRINDER future hope


So I have seen a fair amount of ppl still using the GRINDING tool mostly for the mount. I have been GRINDING most days now and still love doing it. I am just curious if there is going to be any additions to the device in the near future? I have mentioned before things like remembering overlvls and adding extra progression rewards. And other ppl have mentioned additions like more challenging mobs like abberations (and less challanging lvl 5 mobs for some), areas with faster raspawn of mobs (mostly needed for groups) and for the lvl 5 GRINDER mobs more diversity/farmspots.

Other then that a bit of feedback on the loot of the GRINDER, the rarity of the mount seems to be so much out of proportion with the other items that the other items seem to overflow the market while the mount is as hard to buy from someone as an overworld drop (basically not possible). Love the rarity of the mount but feel sad about the lack of rarity/value created by almost every other of those items.


I while the GRINDING device is a great update I think it still needs some slight changes to help improve it

  • Put a different coloured icon for the loot chest, like the large ones have yellow outline, make that blue/purple/orange depending on the loot
  • Have the device slowly glow brighter as it fills up with pink orbs so you know when you’re getting close to finishing that level, it can be really annoying sometimes not knowing if you’re nearly done or not
  • Fix the consistency of the loot beams (See potato’s post: More consistency in "beam" color for chests and lootbags)
  • Let us kill pink triangle mobs for the last level (level 30 mobs instead of level 32 mobs)
  • Add in more pink triangle/red star mobs in other zones so we don’t need to grind on Scavs all the time for the last level, we have so much of the loot from them stacked up now and it’s boring to keep killing Scavs
  • Add challenging “elite” mobs like the old aberrations for groups to kill to free up the solo spots for solo players while still being rewarding for groups
  • Increase mob spawn rate slightly for Red star mobs as we’re waiting on them repsawning a lot
  • More rarer drops “unlock” to the drop table as you grind more, get the grinder to level 5 X amount of times then additional loot unique to the grinder drops get added to the drop table for the chest including more dyes/transmogs/a pet/Kitten mittens, make sure there are many different tiers so it’s not just done in a few days
  • API tracking for amount of times leveled from 1-5 please!
  • Make the cape drop break down into a glimmering shard, so it’s not a completely useless drop after getting it once

with how often we get capes, i feel like they should all give glimmering shards.


That is actually what would make me start caring again, dropped the grinder a while ago… it just takes very long to take the reds down, and if I pull 2 accidentally I die if I don’t happen to be a healer, how stupid is that and apart from that there’s too few spots and for normal farming and venturing I really don’t think these 30+ spots should be more.


I’m fine with killing the red mobs for the last level, but I do wish there was more of them and more types of them in different zones.

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with different drops as well so you can actually choose a bit what mats you wanna farm for the last level.

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unpopular opinion: I think it is boring and I hate killing the same easy mobs over and over again.

I don’t necessarily think that the GRINDER is bad… It is just not for me and didn’t really fulfill my need when it was released. I haven’t enjoyed it from the start.


  • The mobs are too easy to kill
  • All the mobs feel the same
  • The rewards are not a progressive incentive (I can get them all at any rank and at random times)
  • All the ranks feel pretty much the same just more or less health on the mobs.

I posted an idea in a separate thread to cover the need that I think is missing in the game right now which I don’t think the GRINDER can truly cover. I am just remembering that the grinder was introduced in the game to make PvErs who like to kill monsters ‘feel like there is something to do in the overworld’. It hasn’t really done that for me.