Gtx 960 with oculus/htc for orbusvr?


I know very little about vr but I’ve been watching what’s been going on with orbusvr and I’m excited to see it advancing and becoming something worth purchasing a vr setup for. Surely for most a vrmmo was a childhood dream that’s becoming a reality. So would my graphics card be able to handle playing the game? Thanks in advance.


I only skimmed the previous thread, but you should look into this information. Orbus may require a little more than the bare minimum to run smoothly though.


I know a really good tank imo one of the best in game who played a long time with a 960gtx. So yes it is doable but it wont be a perfect experience expect 45fps a lot of times even on low.


Oculus Rift requirements are lower than the Vive. I have a laptop with an 1060 max q 3b. It can run Orbus on Low or Standard graphic sometimes. If I try to use the Vive with this laptop it will not work at all so be aware of that it’s a difference.

I know you can run Orbus with 960 but don’t expect best graphics. Also I noticed Orbus is quite CPU heavy so don’t rely only on your graphics card.


Thanks a lot for this. I appreciate it. With reborn coming out and upgraded graphics it would probably be best to purchase a new desktop for the best first time vrmmo experience.


I run on a GTX680 and Orbusvr ran fine on my HTC Vive and has now most of the times 45 fps on my rift. So I have the opposite experience -_-


Absolutely, used to rock with GTX 960 (4GB edition) as a tank :smiley:

According to the Orbus team, it won’t have any higher requirements, actually quite the opposite, as all the models will be made by them, so they will have a better control over them, so you should be fine with your GTX 960 even after Reborn is released :slight_smile:


Such a positive reply. Yay! Thanks a whole lot.


It will run but the game is more cpu heavy than gpu. We are not running something like (Insert graphically beautiful game here) so you wont need too great of a gpu but a good cpu is a good idea. Of course both being good is better but that is what it seems to me.


Indeed, if you can run the game right now at all, you will definitely be able to run Reborn. And probably with better performance than the current game.


I still have not got a chance to play yet. I’ll need to first buy a vr setup. I was just checking to see if my laptop would handle the game. With all the new improvements and added classes I’m extremely excited about the game. When I start I’ll definitely post to social media (116k nerdy followers) and reach out to all them and see if I can get some extra players to join a grand adventure!


Just to add my 2 cents, I ran to level 20 while playing on a GTX 750 Ti. Have now upgraded in anticipation of Reborn.


didnt realize orbus was cpu heavy good thing i got an i7 lol apparently thats for multi media stuff so i guess thats a goid thing i overdid it with the cpu


Since you mentioned you have a laptop, are you sure you have a GTX 960 and not a GTX 960M? In terms of performance, the 960M would be about the same as a GTX 950, which I’m not sure if it would be enough.

@Nytrusdeathcyde used to have an i5 2500k before, was able to run the game without much issue, though with that setup, both my CPU and GPU were kinda bottle-necking (both were running close to 100% all the time)


Now just get a liquid cooler and your good; one reason you can loose performance is due to a hot cpu; if your cpu gets hot it will compensate by reducing performance to cool down. Therefore you can drop frames.


i still need to get one i keep forgetting lol


…dont get it to cold, condensation is a killer. Most CPU runs best at about 40-60C, thats just how you build them, and as a plus keeps it dry. don’t get it to cold.


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