Gtx 960 specs 16gb ram

Hey will i be able to play this with a gtx 960? I guess on steam its compatable but not prefered. Has anyone tried?

I am getting from your posts in the other thread that you are using a laptop In that case you should have a GTX 960M and not a GTX 960. Because the giant graphics cards of PC’s are replaced for a smaller less powerful version for fitting the laptop. This can make a lot of difference from my quick Google search.

Also from another post of you I understand you are actually trying to decide if your laptop is ready for a VR headset in general. So you should focus and search if your laptop in general including the 960M is able to use those VR headsets. If that is the case, you should not worry about this game in particular. Mainly because this game doesn’t demand more power than the average VR game.

Here is a link of some thread where someone already asked this question about the GTX960M:

It doesn’t look good for you in this chat thou :frowning:

But as I mentioned before in the other thread, I am using a GTX680 and still doing fine on the High graphics settings of this game. I also noticed that the GTX680 and GTX960M are rated the same here So moral is: there is a big change you are fine.

(Also 16GB ram is an overkill. Don’t worry about that.)

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hello , i just backed “founder” , where to get the installation files please ?

A day before the next beta starts that is on 15 September, the developers will link you to the download. It will be the link below but there is a high change they update the download just before 15 september. So downloading it now has no practical use other than because you can.

Also the schedule of the Beta tests can be found in this blog post:

thank you :slight_smile: i’m going to try it anyway.

i’m interested by orbus for a long time because there are no mmorpg at all on Vive and the future “Skyrim” or “fallout 4” will be solo

i have 2x SLI Titan X Pascal so i think the game works fine :slight_smile:

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Ah :frowning:

Maybe i could sell this thing… cyberpower is out of stock hmmm.

VR needs really powerful graphic possibilities to really enjoy VR games.

Nope nope nope your all wrong. My computer is 960M HOWEVER assuming your using ROG or a nivia graphics card you can overclock using EVGA precision. download it set it all up. I can play every vr game without too much hassle, some vr games will be a little slow but ive been playing batman arkam, Minecraft vr, ORBUS, rec room, pavlov, and a bunch of other games. Make sure to get two fans pointing towards your laptop or some other method to keep your laptop cool. your laptop will automatically pull back before it damages your cpu.

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