Hardmode boss 4 rebalancing

In November of 2022 before Jake had left the team, we had two threads on the topic of rebalancing boss 4 and its bugs and design flaws.
Original thread:

Dev created thread:

Is there any plans of fixing/altering the fight.As is the fight is extremely boring for the 20 min kill times (only 20 minutes due to having 3 people in combat to fight against bugs that occur when having more than three in combat)
As is the fight is complete crap, having a “light party” (4 players) be designated on the boss, with the rest on add duty. This split causes the fight to take about 20 minutes and if I recall correctly one of the devs when learning of our strat to kill the boss said what we were doing was not intended and the fight should function similarly to normal mode.


Boss 4 being so wonky is the main reason I lost interest in the game. It’s been here for so long and been buggy since the start with few patches to make it bearable. The hardest content in the game isn’t difficult due to skill requirements; it’s difficult because the game could bug out at any moment. It’s extremely disheartening. You can do everything right and still fail because the fight just isn’t reliable. It’s buggy.


The boss doesn’t really leash anymore, the main issue is the boss is about as long as a ff14 ultimate raid from pull to clear. While all of the other bosses are 1-3 minute long fights IMG_1637|690x318, 50%
The 20-25minute long clears for a boss that is mostly killing adds and having hardly any skill requirements. Asides from boss tank

Wym bard is super hard

keep it the same its easy enough. everyone can get clears with like 50k dps and 50iq

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