Inflamed Sephotep and Hard Mode Problems

So, I’d like to preface this by saying if you recognize your stats or kill count I’m not calling anyone out, merely using your numbers to expose a very flawed system.

Anyways, +7’s, the best weapons in the game, locked to a once a week raid, the rng system used to drop these weapons is very unforgiving.
There are some players with 16 kills, and have a 1/4 drop rate for a +7. while there are others who have 40 kills and only have dropped 1. Hell. there’s at least one player with 60+ kills and hasn’t dropped a single one.

Inflamed Sephotep is a long, broken, buggy, and a high stress boss fight. it is 20+ minutes of working around broken mechanics and bugs. It has begun to feel like the game spitting in your face every week you do it and get fuck all for all of your hard work

And all of that was without mentioning the token system. where you cant even get a +7 weapon from turning in tokens, making them essentially useless beyond a free glimmering every 5/8 weeks.

Look, I know my name isn’t Scott so this is likely to be treated as a salty player being salty, instead of a genuine concern about the game. But this is coming from someone who leads one of the only groups clearing boss 4 of hard mode citadel these days, week after week subjecting my players through hell and the only thing a majority get is a chest full of nothing, a useless cape, a useless token, and a slap in the face from the game we enjoy playing.

Inflamed Sephotep in undeniably broken, the drop table is unfair, the boss fight mechanics are extremely unbalanced, and those of us left in the playerbase clearing it weekly, are sick of it.


For example, every 5 weeks you get enough tokens to get e piece of gear from the raid vendor. Well, instead of turning them into the raid vendor, you can choose to turn them in to the shard trader from the MSQ for an effervescent. the majority if not all the current Hard Mode raiders would prefer 4 free effervecents every month rather than a piece of gear they already have.

As per the weapon token, just add +7 to the loot table, ever 2 months you have a double chance of getting the +7 when you turn in your token.

Or, make a pity system, every week you kill it your chance of getting a +7 goes up a little bit, until you do drop it and it gets set back to the original value.

Or alternatively, uncap raids. make them doable more than once a week, keep the tokens locked to weekly but still allow us to receive drops if we do it more than once a week.


Yeah the weeks in a row where there was no +7 drops for anyone in the party is really disheartening. Kinda kills my desire to play the game. Anything to make it a little better would be nice…


The +6 weapon from tokens are a joke. Considering the boss is so hard that you shouldn’t even be attempting it without a +6 anyway. Giving out a +6 purple is a downgrade from the weapon you need to use to get the token.

Maybe make it guaranteed that one person in the party gets the +7. That ways it’s a 10% chance you’re not going to get slapped in the face.

Would it be helpful to get a few devs in an attempt so they can experience the workarounds, exploits that have become mechanics, and the general hell that is the persistent desync issues that are as old as the game itself.

On the topic of desyncs. I sent you a DM about the connection timeout desync issue that have become more frequent for people


I would gladly stream one of our Sheikah clears to a dev, or hell. We’ve even been talking about 9 manning it while and letting a dev watch during one of our raids.


Yeah, excuse me if I’m being harsh here, but the HM Citadel Boss 4 fight really sucks and it isn’t even fun tbh. The methods that this community have come up with for completing it are ridiculous and exploitative, I can’t imagine this is what the devs intended for us to be doing there.

Seriously, one of the developers should tag along for a HMB4 kill, if only so that they can see firsthand the absurdity of the methods we’ve been forced to use in order to get it done.

The only words I can think of to accurately describe that fight are things like “annoying” and “irritating” and the poor drop rate of the only thing we really want from it (the +7 legendary weapons) is just adding insult to injury.

I get that these are meant to be the strongest piece of gear in the game currently, and such a thing should definitely be rare, but the problem is that they are already super rare by virtue of the fact that there aren’t many groups/players even capable of completing this fight to begin with in proportion to the overall playerbase, let alone the number of those who are actively clearing the fight every week.

Being able to turn in raid tokens for effervescent shards or something to that effect would be cool, but what really needs to happen is that our chance to obtain the +7 weapons needs to be more forgiving. Like Michael said, going through several weeks clearing that fight and not seeing a single +7 drop for anyone in your party is incredibly disheartening & it’s definitely killing people’s desire to continue trying.


The +6 weapon from tokens are a joke. Considering the boss is so hard that you shouldn’t even be attempting it without a +6 anyway. Giving out a +6 purple is a downgrade from the weapon you need to use to get the token.

This is also a great point. We’re getting a token from completing the fight that, after several completions, we can turn in for a weapon that is effectively a downgrade from the +6 Legendaries from shard dungeons that most of us are already using for that fight in the first place. Several weeks gathering tokens for what amounts to a Glimmering Shard for almost everyone who’s actively clearing this fight is nothing short of a bad joke.


I don’t know the game inside and out like others do however I would have to agree, mostly cus from what I see from HM is that firstly alot of people aren’t even getting +6 weapon, I’ve been doing HMs for quite awhile now and all I’m getting is the Cape and tokens, im not someone who complains but I am noticing alot of bugs and we definitely need to start seeing people get +7 weapons as ik people who have been playing for a really long time yet are getting nothing back from the effort they put in,Boss 4 is definitely incredibly hard already to do that not everyone has even already cleared their first boss 4, alot of people have to go through extreme methods just to try and complete it and even the best players in the game struggle and can end up dying so all I’m saying is please consider what everyone is trying to say, cus this is coming from people who have consistently played orbus and we all wanna come back to it but there is no point really in trying HM if noone is going to benefit from it


Yeah, I’ve only completed it 5 times, mind you, but I’ve been in countless attempts riddled with constant desyncing issues making me look like a dumbass who can’t dodge a circle, and thats without the endless ghostcasting that makes it so much harder to shoot down my orb making me look even more dumb. And all I have to show for it is a +6 non legendary, that didn’t even come from my chest, but hey, at least I get 5 capes and a title to flaunt around to all the green-leafs.


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve given up on attempting Boss 4. I’ve gotten kills, sure, but the whole thing is a trial in patience. When I play video games, if I mess up that’s fine. If the game messes up and kills me despite me doing mechanics perfectly, it’s frustrating.

I don’t play games to get frustrated. I just move on to other games.

Please don’t make us move on to other games. Bugs bad.


Except back bug, aka bonus pip bug

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I have to agree with most of the things said. What I believe to be the “intended” strategy for boss 4 (similar to what we do on Normal Mode) is too unforgiving, and way too RNG-based. Desyncs that prevent you from opening red phase portal or that cause the orbs to just fly off in the distance when trying to open the Blue Phase portal adds an additional point of failure. This strategy has been pulled of like three times, looking at the kill times on the Armory.

The “cheesy” strategy that everyone uses helps with some failures, but is still incredibly hard, tedious (takes like 20 minutes if all goes well), and also still fails a lot. There’s a wiki page for the strategy, if any dev or curious player wants to read up on what it takes to beat this boss. It is the longest page on the wiki.

Please take another look at this fight and do some rebalancing.


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Out of anything you should have said. you wanted to point out that sloth named you after saying no names.


Thats right my boy!!!

Okay so the general jist I am getting from this is that boss 4 is just not rewarding enough. And the bugs and ways we bypass this buggyness is frustrating everyone to the point of not fun. I think that might be a justification of the frustration of lack of reward though. As boss 4 is not the exception in game. We got this on alot of bosses in game. This fight just takes alot longer.

And some also mention its too difficult in general.

I would like to point out if boss 4 wasnt so difficult and if it wasnt taking that long to get THE best item in the game, the game would have been in trouble for lack of enough content to do for a greater amount of people. So I feel like the devs did an okay job in how much time it takes for people to get their end loot.

Talking about the few unlucky that need the extreme amount of kills to get their loot. They are also the reason the others even play to help get them that loot. Otherwise no-one has a reason to play in the party. It sucks on a frustrating individual level. But makes sense on a level of stretching the replayability of the game. And gives a positive social structure of people wanting to help each other.

I do definately agree though how buggy boss 4 and the game in general is, is not acceptably fun for most. And the chances of getting absolutely nothing from the boss is also out of proportion. Adding a healthy combi of useful stuff like the mentioned efferescents and goofy stuff like a giant potion would probably help lifting the spirit of everyone.


That’s it for me. I don’t care about the +7s. It’s just the bugs ruining the experience.


I think I remember someone saying it’s a 1% drop rate for +7. Statistically it would take someone 2 years of weekly completions to get the weapon on an activity that isn’t that fun. That drop rate is fine so long as you could farm for it.

I don’t agree that by giving the 7 more frequently it would reduce the content. I’ve done boss 4 more than once in some weeks just to help out knowing that I wouldn’t get anything. Even if I had all 7 I would still do it. I’m 6s for everything but I still do dungeons 15s to help/for fun.

But yes, if the activity was fun, I wouldn’t mind as much. It would be completable without all the messing around and the 7 is a happy bonus

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Alright so, another paragraph yay!. First of all i meant calling out anyone ingame status, calling someone out to take advantage of their luck to prove a point is not okay, which is why i left the kill/drops nameless. however, calling out a player in order to get the devs attention and a post recognized is A okay in my book.

it is not just a few unluck people. its a majority of the people killing boss 4. i could name everyone being screwed over by the unfairness of the drop system but this would be a much much longer post. and what is the point of making the gear obtainable if people cant even drop it to use them because of the busted system.

and adding more goofy stuff would just be more insulting. Omg i got a giant growth pot after half an hour of putting myself through hell. what a reward.

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but now you can be bigger then the boss

I also don’t take issue with the low droprate of the +7s, the best equipment in the game should be rare. I agree that the “final boss” should be very much challenging. Punishing one-shot mechanics are fine with me.

But it shouldn’t be necessary for one tank to stun-lock their anti-heal stacks off. It shouldn’t be necessary for 60% of the party to not touch the boss at all whatsoever for the entirety of the fight to keep the chaos to a manageable level. With a mechanic that requires you to kill five adds in less than five seconds, it shouldn’t be necessary to single out a single add from the group over the duration of 3-5 spawn cycles to even be able to complete that.

While I enjoy the weekly raids, it’s mostly because of the people I am with. The fight is very tedious, and the strategy we are using at the moment to be able to consistently take the boss down most weeks can’t be intended in any way, shape or form. Even if all the bugs were fixed, this fight needs a rebalance badly.