Hardmode raid release


Can you confirm the date of the hardmode raid release? A few of us want to book time off work for it but just want to make sure we are booking the right day off, is it Tuesday the 9th? 12 noon Central US time?


here @Rickness_Voidwalker a old blog post telling the hard raid date https://blog.orbusvr.com/reborn-launch-retrospective-and-whats-next/


i hope it help


After the success we had with the normal mode raid beta we’ve decided to do a beta for the hard mode raid as well. The hard mode raid beta will launch July 9th at 12 PM (Noon) CST. Barring any issues discovered during the beta the full version will launch the following week on July 16th at 12 PM (Noon) CST.


Can we have the shaman working before we pump out new content that shamans can’t access?

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There is a fix going out with the patch tomorrow that should improve the situation with the shaman totems not respawning. We also have a more in-depth look at the shaman planned for the near future.


What is the reasoning for making hard mode beta, the original beta was meant to test the core mechanics. For hard mode the core mechanics are already there, with just a few extras

On top of that the reason why the first went so well was because it was easy, which made it easy to test and do quick runs in, making the fact that u don’t keep loot fine because not much was invested into it. With hard mode that shouldn’t be the case. U would be asking he community to spend 10s of hours just trying to get a full clear once, to then not even keep the rewards from doing so. And if it doesn’t take 10s of hours to complete it, that’s a bad thing because it’s the last end game content for awhile

If it’s not ready for launch just say so


Not real excited about a beta for HM. If I’m going to put in hours to perfect a fight I’d like to get something out of it. I assisted in the first beta because I wanted to see the mechanics working well for full release. Not really sure I am feeling the same enthusiasm to do it again due to the time investment.


I don’t want a beta but I don’t care

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The OG expert raid was completely bugged at launch, there should definitely be a beta to avoid the same thing happens on hard mode.
Who wants to be rewarded can just wait the official launch, nobody is forced to test it and i’d rather testing it for no reward instead of having a terrible experience at launch.


^— gonna have to agree with Shiki here.


Either way the raids is going to be completely bugged, no ones doubting that, but if we know the raid is going to be the same way, throwing the label of beta onto it doesn’t really solve much. Either way we, the players, are going to have to trudge through bugs, with the only difference being is that we aren’t rewarded in the slightest for it.

Not to mention how the beta system as it is now is half assed, with any transmogs u get in the raid staying on ur character, and how the api still lists it as being completed as if it wasn’t a beta, and not deleting those runs post beta


The issue with the transmogs saving during a Beta run was fixed after it was noticed last time around. We can take a look at the API logs as well.

Doing the Beta for the Normal Mode Raid worked really well from our perspective and allowed us to experiment with some more advanced mechanics while still getting a chance to eliminate a lot of the bugs before it came out. Nothing is ever going to be 100% bug-free, but at the same time it’s nice to launch the Raid and know that there’s not going to be some massive bug where we’re spending all day reverting gear or something (which we ideally never want to have to do).

Anywho, as we’ve said in the past on this, we’ll see how it goes this time and that will inform future decisions on how to do the next set of Raids. And of course participating in the Beta is optional and you can always just wait til next week if you want as well.


reminds me of EA’s new policy of slapping a “Early Access” title on their games so there is a excuse for it being released buggy, except slapping on “beta”.
atleast in those game the players get to keep their progress i guess tho…

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Not sure what point you are trying to make Kamina?

Riley has no way to make sure the whole thing is working 100% fully (By the way neither do world of warcraft; they release raid bosses in test phases too so that people can make sure shit works).

It is perfectly acceptable to release bosses to test stability a week before. Why not.

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They would literally have to pay players like you to come in and beta test it in advance in order to fix all the bugs. It is much cheaper and better to release it to the public to test.

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but the major problem is that is that no matter what they do, the raid will release the same. it will have the exact same bugs whether they decide to full release or do a beta like they are doing now. either way we trudge through bugs. the difference is, one way we trudge through bugs and complete the raid like normal, the other we trudge through bugs for a weak and gain nothing


No one ever said that you have to participate in the raid beta. If you don’t want to waste your time then you should wait until full release. Then you will be rewarded for “trudging through the bugs”


Ah, first world elite problems.

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Oooorr, they could make it a conscious effort to consider the game always-improving, open the hardmode raid up in general (including the rewards) and make changes as needed. Unless they made it too easy and decide to drive it harder, it shouldn’t make a difference. Theoretically, the main functions should he the same, just more challenging, so those shouldn’t break in such a way that it makes it significantly too easy.