Help with fishing majestic flounder

I’ve tried day after day to catch majestic flounder and I haven’t caught one. I have caught perch and other legendary fish. Am I missing something can anyone help me???

Legendary fish are time and weather dependent. You may have been fishing at the wrong place, at the wrong time, or during the wrong weather.

Does anyone know conditions for majestic flounder?

I don’t, but I have caught them behind the Kingsport Graveyard after a nibble when it was not raining while fishing for Minnow. I don’t know the bait either, but I always throw bloody flesh when a legendary nibbles… and they have bit… they fight like heck…

Flounder don’t like clouds or rain

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like mishka said, they don’t like rain and clouds so thy require a clear sky as well as only being “active” in a set pattern. if you download my interactive map you’ll be able to see when they’re catchable if the weather is right.

Yea unfortunately my computer is crap and won’t load interactive map just freezes up and I’m on quest so I’m sol lol

the map should run fine on basically any PC, if you tried with an older version it was probably just freezing while generating the navigation maps(it would’ve unfroze eventually), which is no longer an issue.

Did the same with the latest version… just ordered a cloud gaming rig from shadow tho so come the 14th I’ll be able to access map through my phone

could you give a little more info? Does it say “Generating navmaps”? or does it just not display anything?

The screen turns black flashes back on a couple times see a window open nothing in the window. Sometimes it will go black and stay there some times it’ll just freeze with the window empty

I have a video of wat it does if it would help

That’d be great

How do I send 2 u?

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