How does Luck work?

Can anyone tell me how luck is applied to the frequency of drops in the Grinder? After an large number of completions, it seems to me that I got way more Crated Items and Teleporter drops before I upgraded my luck in the Library.

I upgraded to I think the 3rd level last Wednesday and have not gotten a decent drop since. So far nothing but crap in the final chest.

Also, is the upgrade to Luck as listed on the board total or improvement to current Luck? It said +300 but only upgraded 100.

Here is a post by the main developer of the game explaining the luck mechanic. As far as the perk points thing, that didn’t exist yet when Riley wrote this. I know the increase in luck isn’t completely 1:1, but I can say I honestly don’t know much about the perks :upside_down_face:

In reading this, I realize that the whole thread is referring to Orbus before Reborn. I’m looking for the effect in this game right now as it stands. Is Luck functional? If so, is it working correctly? If not, can we reset the perk points and get other perks that do work?

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It still works the exact same in Reborn.

Nature creates ability… luck provides it with opportunity.

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