I created a new affliction shortcut that is easier than 8-ball

youtube.com/delceri/videos for the video that I’ll be releasing this week, revealing it and providing tips on casting it!

As a long time user of the 8-ball, yes, it -really- is easier, like twice as good.


Interesting …
/finger pyramid …
With note pad.

Looking forward to the video.

It’s in the oven, a little delayed. Did some more recording today hang tight!


waits patiently

Oh no not another scary black orb shortcut

It’s really good and surprisingly easy :slight_smile: trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!

Every time I cast I do good at first then by the end I’m casting mana shield because I can’t cast frost anymore.

I can cast this consistently even when I am tired (but top-speed casting does get harder, can still cast like .7-.8 tired though maybe .6). I pulled 70+k (+5 iceheart so this would be ~77k with a +6) with a completely tired arm (of course, that is with decent fireballs too). You just need the general shapes to make it work, and there are a few variants you can choose to cast for speed or for higher cast rates. Stay tuned though lol editing right now (and still got some more ideas to squeeze in).

This shortcut, tiles, and me getting my fireballs down-pat, are what has enabled me to go plus ultra DPS. Each one spiked my DPS.

I really need a legendary wand tho :sweat_smile:. Can’t hit 80-100k+ without all 3 though (and really, for 100k+ unpotted you need a +6 (or mostly perfect casts at like 12 fireballs/5s), but maybe not I can still improve more.)

Soon I’m actually going to drop my g-delay runes from my tiles because I cast my afflictions in about .5-.6s seconds now and the extra fireball is worth more than 2 seconds of extra tiles (and really, 1.5 seconds of extra tiles since I save 1/2+ a second on affliction). Even if you pop/fizzle your affliction, if you re-attempt it, its just 1 second so no different than using the g-rune really (and you don’t mess up your tilesets).

me casually sucking at affliction 2 waiting for this shortcut

@Delceri the people want to know!

lmao it’s coming! I got a lot of the footage I needed yesterday. The camerawork took awhile and required a 2nd player and all kinds of stuff so :stuck_out_tongue:

just watched that video and i really need that shortcut lol

i’ll wait patiently tho


:joy::joy::joy::joy: this is the best meme lol. If you’ve seen me around orbus i’m SpiicyFreeze

anyone got the link to change my community name somewhere?

You can do it from here: https://orbusvr.com/account

me omw to finishing this video: