Ideas for shaman buffs

so we have a 36 reply thread right now and while i want some changes to happen, i doubt the devs will dig through it to see them. here’s what they are:

orbs don’t disappear in the air when totems are dropped
a 5th totem slot that will likely be used for frost/shield (this enforces the idea of shaman being a utility class)

shaman also NEEDS to be fixed. it is the only class that can’t hit 100k, even with buffs because it breaks around lots of players.

i’m open to discuss ideas but i think the first buff is defo necessary


I think the idea of a 5th totem is probably to much allowing for frost totem to get iceheart buff but I 100% agree with orbs not disappearing when totems are placed down


This is probably inline with previous shaman difficulties (search archived threads), where last time the problem was orbs not spawning.

why would that be a bad thing?

because it would boost shaman a lot and people have mixed feelings about a “simple” class pulling high numbers

Curious why Bretman thinks using the frost totem to get iceheart would be a bad thing? Iceheart specifically isn’t going to make that much of a difference especially when other classes could add the same buff.

Tiles would be bad

another idea is allow us to drop lava either immediately after being dropped or give it a cooldown of one cycle. this is because trash is hard when tanks aren’t aware of the lava totem and its hard even when they are if youre moving fast.

I don’t understand this one…

fast lava respawn

I agree with the points above

Aditionally I think lightning should have specifically its splash buffed. Its one strength is aoe and it isn’t really even that good at it because lightning doesn’t actually do that much splash.
70k seems very fair to me for its single target damage but when I’m doing raids like citidel the group never really needs a shaman and when we have them they do fine as ad management during boss 4 but its never really noticeably better than any other class doing the job. Being good at aoe is like their one thing and they don’t seem to be able to confidently defend that role right now.


Maybe there could be a buff that increases the damage dealt depending on how many enemy’s you hit for example you hit 2 enemy’s there’s a 10% damage increase 3 is 25 4 is 60 and so on
This will really reward you for hitting multiple targets


currently that is a thing but the other way. it decreases for no reason whatsoever.

Maybe the devs first need to decide if the shaman is the aoe expert or the jack of all trades. If it is the latter then adjustments probably need to be made to other classes. If it is the former, then the aoe probably needs a buff, but maybe the ST needs a nerf.

why would the stun totem need a nerf? its bad tbh.


Took me a while to realize that you we’re replying to me, since the old mmorpg abbrevations are stuck on my spine lol. Clarification:

ST = single target (so, not stun totem :smiley: )
AoE = Area of Effect

In other words, i think the first order of business for the devs (after fixing the reappearing bugs ofc) is to decide what the shaman is supposed to excell at. After which the class should clearly reflect that decision.

shaman requests! Here are mine:

I mostly think shaman needs QoL changes rather than any direct damage boost.

The orbs disappearing after placing totems are annoying during Cindy parses, but I hardly even notice it during boss fights or dungeon runs.

  1. I 100% agree with having lava totem spawn faster! being able to relocate a lava totem quicker than 12s would be very Useful when tanks pull groups around, or when a dps pulls aggro.

  2. being able to drop your totems instantly upon changing weapons would be the best thing for shaman. The ability to change classes and immediately start dealing damage seems necessary for the class. Waiting 9-12 seconds after equipping your mask is crazy while your team is ripping through dungeon mobs without you.

Also, I notice that I always grab my fireball first when clicking… I need to physically place my stun totem far away from the others to grab stun before fire… idk if it is possible to change the grip range of the fireball, but it interferes with my rotation unless I am EXTRA careful about where I drop my stun totem.


That second one for sure. Party up with high non- shaman DPS groups and might as well wait until the boss to throw down the totems.


When switching to X class, you can immediately:

Warrior: Start doing combos or just hit with sword.
Paladin: Start bonking, use book.
Bard: Throw mallet, start notes within ~1 second delay.
Musket: Start shooting, not sure on Orb spawn time.
Mage: Cast any spell
Ranger: Shoot basic arrows
Scoundrel: Wait 1 second until you can shoot.
Shaman: Wait 9-12 seconds before joining combat.

Clearly there’s an issue, and we haven’t been vocal enough about this in the past. Thank you for bringing it back into the limelight :slight_smile:


Normal orbs you need to wait but you get your turret and lifewell immediately so you can heal right when you switch