Ideas for shaman buffs

so we have a 36 reply thread right now and while i want some changes to happen, i doubt the devs will dig through it to see them. here’s what they are:

orbs don’t disappear in the air when totems are dropped
a 5th totem slot that will likely be used for frost/shield (this enforces the idea of shaman being a utility class)

i’m open to discuss ideas but i think the first buff is defo necessary

I think the idea of a 5th totem is probably to much allowing for frost totem to get iceheart buff but I 100% agree with orbs not disappearing when totems are placed down


This is probably inline with previous shaman difficulties (search archived threads), where last time the problem was orbs not spawning.

why would that be a bad thing?

because it would boost shaman a lot and people have mixed feelings about a “simple” class pulling high numbers

Curious why Bretman thinks using the frost totem to get iceheart would be a bad thing? Iceheart specifically isn’t going to make that much of a difference especially when other classes could add the same buff.

Tiles would be bad

another idea is allow us to drop lava either immediately after being dropped or give it a cooldown of one cycle. this is because trash is hard when tanks aren’t aware of the lava totem and its hard even when they are if youre moving fast.

I don’t understand this one…

fast lava respawn