Improvements needed for better PVP


There are already multiple threads about specific class changes that need to be made, so i wont focus on any of that. However, after waiting for the never-spawning-chest for several hours in the wilds, some needed improvements really stuck out.

Party size needs to be larger. When friendly fire is turned on there is no way to distinguish between another group of 5 on your team/from your guild, and the enemy. This might be an interesting mechanic to work with if not for the other problems…

You cant read names/guild/bandit status at range. The problem is that the displays in current vr headsets arnt that great. When you are at even a modest range from someone, you cant read their name, or their guild, or even distinguish between the colors to be able to identify bandit status… add in 20+ moving targets, and you cant tell whats going on. Suggested fix - Larger easily identifiable shapes and colors to signify, party members/enemies/bandits etc. and possibly party specific easily identifiable PVP capes. This is an issue with NPC mobs as well.

Because of these issues it is incredibly hard to coordinate anything once the fighting begins. A system for marking targets (that only your party could see) would go a long way. It would be advantageous to be able to mark both friendly and enemy targets, with a few different icons for easy identification. A party function to designate a/multiple raid leaders to do this would be very helpful in keeping things organized. This could be helpful for both pvp and pve.

These things would go a long way towards creating a better world pvp experience.


Here are 2 short clips of the PvP we had today with Alphabet vs EK/Nox to get a sense of what the PvP is like.

Also a big issue was that everyone showed a Bounty on their head and they weren’t actually Bandits.
This caused us to “Test the waters” by attacking them to see if it was true.


I would suggest when someone gets in visible range they would show up on your compass so you can see who it is and put their name in the color of their name to identify if they are bandit or not.


Also keep in mind that those videos look better than it does in a headset.


ah too bad the video was cut short, that was a really fun 20 min fight


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that last fireball came from yours truly, that white mage who was targeted at the beginning :wink:Absolutely wonderful fight in the end tho guys, I had an absolute blast. I’m not even a normal PvP player haha!

I really wish there could be instanced fellowship vs. fellowship pvp. I really enjoyed today, and having this sort of interaction on a regular basis I think would be/is going to be a wonderfull addition. The reason for this is that ABC’s strategy was to avoid didn’t bandit status to spawn nearby, which led to the fights being slow at first, and at multiple points stagnant. I think an instanced arena with obstacles and/or scenery to maneuver without the risk of bandit status would make for more head-on fights, leading to more chaos >:)


aha Yeah was epic. That was indeed part of our strat at the start… But somehow we randomly got bandit status a couple of times… Right at the start for example I got bandit status from shooting a fireball in the air and hitting the floor. @Riley_D what could have caused that one?


i also shot my turret right when that happened and you were in my party… wonder if that had something to do with it…



ooo will have to watch that one in a bit, how many parts did u get? i have seen 1, 2, and now 3, u planning to release them daily for the suspense?


We need the final battle !


@Riley_D I can get a recording of it when I have access to my home computer tonight. But When you activate the Friendly fire in the menus, it toggles itself back to don’t allow when you close/open the menu.

(You can still shoot friendly people, but it is showing as don’t allow)


Lol i don’t know how to edit videos at all.

I’m taking the fights from the long footage,

Was there even a final battle?
The last battle in my eyes was getting picked off right away unexpectedly.


It’s the only Battle where everyone started as non-bandit. Was hard fighting as bandits when ABC had no friendly fire enable :wink:


we need a kill counter so we can see the scale of death!


haha Sounds like Alphabet had a better strategy… :slight_smile:


Well yeah, we needed to defend our ground since we wanted to hide the time where it spawned while the only thing they where trying to do was climb the mountain.

So it was bandits who can only fights in groups of 5 and respawn at the prison against 20 something people focusing fire and spawning at the near graveyard :stuck_out_tongue:

We did manage to have it in the end tho :rofl:


just a difference of goals, we wanted to lock down the area and have it be ours, they just wanted to chicken foot around


the timezones meant a few of had to sleep etc so we just chilled in the end otherwise i think we would have continued a lot longer :smiley:


So defensive! I wonder if this means Alphabet may have actually come out winners in the end had they teamed up with another guild like Nox and Eternal Knights did… Must be good loot to be guarding it for so long, perhaps the garrison will eventually see a force to be reckoned with!