Improvements needed for better PVP


yeah man, gotta keep the rep of best PvPer :sunglasses: :wink:


Yeah J I realised that when ABC didn’t come back. Checked the time and was like … damn !!! Those europeen are crazy haha. Then went to bed at 10pm :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: it was super super fun


Sure was ! Was really fun to have something else than dungeons. Hopefully we can gather this much players around a couple times a week now. At least until raids.

Would have really like to ear all that was happening in each discords haha. We were like kids playing paintballs. Some where figuring out super hardcore strats while others where just screaming and running in circles. (I might have been running in circles a couple times)

Also @Justin really did some beautiful shots in those vids.


Lol I didn’t attend, figured this would be me


One thing I do want to say about pvp as a warrior, relating specifically to large scale fights like yesterday: it is nice to actually have something to do and not just feel like i’m getting in the way of everyone. In these big battles people healing could get behind my shield and when I was near someone getting focus fire, I could shield bash them to slow them down and help move that death along. I still feel like I get in the way in a big battle, but it’s better than it was for sure.


It looks like Nox and EK each have half as many active members as Alphabet, so theoretically, the numbers would have been even. But it wasn’t just Alphabet trying to siege the hill, they had plenty of people from other fellowships with them.


Come on now - you know half of their team is European and wouldn’t have been awake when the chest came up. We all have real lives to tend to… ok well actually I guess there are some people that are even willing to ignore their real life for the sake of the game… but the wide majority couldn’t take off two days of work for the sake of a chest.

Edit: There you go. Edited out the offending word that could be misconstrued as referring to a specific individual who engages in such activity as ignoring their real life for the sake of the game. However, as there is a person who has made that claim themselves more than once and used it at least once in the forum of public discourse as the basis for the rest of the community losing out on cool game elements, it should be mentioned in the debate of ongoing new features as this game should be designed for all players, not just the loudest few.


Please refrain from being passive aggressive. This only creates drama, hatred, and tension between members of the community.


No aggression, just stating facts.


Which is completely unnecessary in the context you are using it. Repeatedly bashing on someone for matters outside your control, in which you have no purpuse other than to belittle or insult the other person, is just outright disrespectful. It doesn’t matter who it is. This is a public forum with mostly paying members trying to enjoy the game. If someone states their opinion on a subject, you’re not forced to agree with them (obviously), but that doesn’t mean that you have to belittle other people for personal matters.

I’m tired of all the drama caused on the forums from people who aren’t willing to move on from incidents like the one mentioned. It’s not any of our jobs to judge the other person.


Dude, chill. 20 char


If we actually care about numbers just pull up the footage from both sides and do a simple head count


come on its not that important, please get back on track with the thread and not about head counts


Head count wouldn’t of mattered, we most likely would have smoked them even if they had doubled our numbers. PvP takes a bit of skill, practice, and execution. Your not just standing in one place hitting a boss beating the same mechanic. You are beating the player so you need to be able to adapt better and understand how pvp works in this game. Not many people if any on the other side really does any PvP so we had a bit of an advantage there. My hope is in the future that will change as more people get involved with PvP and develop various strategies and hone their skills. Really hoping for a battleground in the near future which would be awesome and fun.


Yeah, I never played WoW, but everyone seems to like that battlegrounds thing in it.


I 100% agree with this.

Thank you for the changes btw.


I’m not sure why you guys keep acting like you won. There were clearly multiple battles where each side “won” and we definitely took the hill from you for a while until we decided to go to sleep. AND, your strategies…lol. Watch the videos. How was that put-the-bandits-in-front tactic working out for you? Super impressive, very experience, much adaptation. We have a lot to learn from you.


depends on how u count winning, if not fighting and hiding in the corner of a prospective spawn area was winning, u won, if actually fighting and holding a spot for the a total of about 9 hours, we won. if to win was to have fun fighting people for fun and to have no hard feelings, we all won (hopefully)


We’re really looking more for feedback on mechanics on the forums than this type of discussion. I’m glad that there seems to be a renewed interest in the Wilds though.

So please consider this a note to get the discussion back on track. Thanks.