Improvements needed for better PVP


Sir yes Sir!
one major thing that needs a improvement and was shown yesterday was the bandit system. because non bandits can and will always run back in less than 5 minutes, if you are trying to hold down a location your only option is to fight forever, as once u become bandit they can kill you and give u a 10 minute walk back while they can go back in a fraction of the time
a fix to this would be to have a system where even non bandits get sent much farther away, so when u have a group of 20 fighting another group they cant just constantly be coming back into the fight before the original fight is even over


Sorry, wasnt trying to be presumptuous. We only had a handful of scouts running around for the first 5 hours, while the rest of our guild was doing the new pve content. So I will defer to you on what happened in there during that time. Regardless, it was fun, and im sure there will be many more good times in the future


But yeah the biggest issues with yesterdays PvP was that no one wanted to become a bandit due to the long walk back. At one point, both teams were having a social gathering at the chest spawn because no one wanted to initiate.

Basically you kill someone…You become bandit…They die and walk back in 5 mins…You die from everyone else because there is no repercussion in killing you and you get the 20 mins walk back.

I would suggest you make an area for the chest where you are automatically marked for PvP/Banditry.


imo the graveyards in the wilds should be removed and everyone should respawn at the same graveyard outside the wilds.

That’s not only for the chest but for every type of banditry, i’ve seen multiple fight started after 5 mins of waiting until one side becomes a bandit, even before the patch.


But can someone remind me what the Bandit system is even supposed to accomplish?

Why not just have the Wilds be an Open PvP and you spawn at a graveyard outside the Wilds or even back at your House or Jail.

Bandit system is a cool idea but all it does is reward you with what? 10 or rarely 500 Dram.

I initially thought when I first heard of the system was that everywhere in the world, besides towns, was PvP enabled and that Banditry was a system to make it High Risk but High Reward.


I think that has been lost during the development. I remember the original idea was having every zone (out of the towns) “unsafe or something” with the ability to pvp, and who would kill people in those area would have been a bandit and killed by the guards, and the wilds to be the lawless zones.
But since that idea has been discarded i don’t see why the same rules should apply with the current system.


What if both players engaging in PvP have friendly attacks enabled and neither of them become bandits due to combat, as both players are consenting to PvP?


Honestly, just begone with the Bandit system.

You are opting into PvP when entering into the Wilds anyways…
It’s known as a PvP zone.

Also with the issue with attacking your friends.
Either make Raid party sizes or having an option to disable PvP to people on your Friends list.

Wilds Loot Chest Revealed!

I think that’s actually a good thing to balance a bit the numbers, 15 vs 5? Go for it but be careful. Otherwise it’s just a big zerg and to get a chance to win you have to gather an army.


Are you saying that you should be able to hit anyone? Regardless of Party/Friends?

I can see this being realistic and fun to manage.
If it’s 5v15, the group of 15 is more likely to hit a teammate and would have to coordinate better.


i’m saying it should stay as it is (can’t attack your party).
Yeah that’s my point, if you take 15 players you should have a good coordination between the 3 different parties, rather than have a guaranteed advantage due to big numbers.


How about a system that has no bandits just a 30 sec or so respawn timer that you have to wait at the graveyard and be a ghost. Right now its just a game of try to turn the other guy bandit so you can graveyard run at him till he dies and then he has a long walk back from the jail.


The timer would have to be atleast 5 min, especially with the large scale pvp


The problem with that is no one is going to want to sit at the GY for 5 mins. Maybe 1 mins, but you got to think most fights don’t last very long and if you wanted to leave you could in the time it takes to re-spawn. You can also have the guards attack anyone that starts combat around the GY so you can have a safe re-spawn.


Ye you have to remember it’s VR, no one wants to be inabled for 5 mins.

You could also give Ressurection sickness, which could reduce your damage done or damage taken to prevent you from re-engaging.


I like that idea 1 or 2 idk min Resurrection sickness that makes you do 75% reduced damage to a player, if you get killed by a player (or go to GY because exploits)


I would probably make it like a stacking debuff that applies whenever you die in the Wilds.

Resurrection Sickness:
Reduce stats by 15% for 5 mins (Stacks up to 5 times)

Resurrection Sickness:
Reduce stats by 25% for 5 mins (Stacks up to 3 times)


Just remember if you die 3 Times without getting back to your grave, Your gear is gone which happened to a few of us! Also can we talk about warriors being Trash for PvP? All we pretty much do is a 2 Second slow, It’s Impossible to get combo’s off on targets moving around and if you’re moving your shield won’t block hits even if it’s in front of you. I’m honestly not sure what can be done to solve this but warrior still need buffing as a Warrior can’t solo kill anything even another warrior.


I like the idea of bandits so the guards know who to attack. They could leave the current system but have everyone respawn at the graveyard. I like the res sickness idea.


You need to play around with warrior some more. Warriors can do very well 1 vs 1 against everything but a musket.