Improvements needed for better PVP


Gonna change the subject a bit… I don’t like the idea of awarding PvE based loot for PvP. I never play MMO’s to PvP really and if I have to PvP to stay at bleeding edge progression of PvE content it is going to really burn me out. Atleast that is what this whole trickster chest seems to sound like right now. I really hope we do not continue down this path…


They honestly can’t for people jumping around every seconds, It’s impossible to get more then 1 or 2 hits off.
If you have a Level 20 Warrior with gear ill offer you a 1v1?


Yeah, but other games have PvP servers and PvE servers. Items essential to most potions are only available in the Wilds, and since completing the highest level shards require boosting potions, even PvE players are forced to deal with PvP, even if it isn’t their thing, just to complete PvE content. Sure they can buy potions, but that is why most of the player base is completely broke and most of the money is accumulated among only a few people, which I thought was a primary dev concern (at least it was when they were talking about stall monopolies).

If people love PvP so much, then put a limited number of essential items in the hardest areas of normal non-PvP zones and let the PvP’ers have a field day in the Wilds.


Another thing. (@Kamina)

Here is a video showing broken player hit-box or possibly lag, although my ping is usually really low as I live near Detroit.


Something else that could be in the chest would be really strong gear that ONLY gains its stats during PvP fights in the 3 wilds and wouldn’t work on the NPC’s in the wilds too.


Ideally you would get pvp gear in pvp areas. Maybe a token system from looting the trickster chest or from killing people. A battleground would be cool for that as well. I like that high end mats are in the wilds. Makes it dangerous when gathering.


Counterpoint: I appreciate a holistic approach to content. I dislike the idea of differentiating PVE and PVP equipment. I like the idea of PVP-centered folks providing for PVE-centered folks and vice versa. I never play MMOs to PVE, but I muddle through it enough to get to the PVP content I enjoy. I do wish I could pay PVE-centered folk for access to higher level equipment in some way, that would be a nice symmetry. However, I understand how that can easily mess with MMO progression mechanics.


PvP gear should enable you to PvE but not as effectively as PvE gear and visa versa in my opinion.


How can you say the chest awards PvE progression if you didn’t get any chest?


If I was to hazard a guess the chest would contain:
1) items that allow re-rolling of gear stats helping towards PvE progression.
2) materials helping towards the creation of potions helping towards PvE progression.

If you want to correct me on that its fine… I was just giving my opinion about rewarding PvE loot for PvP scenarios that is all.



I’d have some concerns about that approach. For one, people couldn’t come from PVE content to PVP content without an immediate, mechanical disadvantage, since they’ll have weaker equipment by design. For another, PVP is hard to give equipment for, since you’re giving equipment for things that are very easily exploitable (i.e. tit-for-tat PK farming).

On the note of potions, yeah, PVP-gated materials are a bit of a sticky point right now. Money, and therefor goods, aren’t moving between players as well as they should. This makes it hard to gauge what sort of effect PVP-gating of materials is actually having.


This is kind of nice, IMO. It doesn’t solely penalize bandits, which is good. As it stands bandit vs non-bandit is often a matter of protocol (who hits who first).

I’ve said it before, but guards are too strong. Bandits should have a chance to get out of the wilds. I’d really wish they detached the bandit timer from the bounty amount as well. I want to walk out of the wilds with a 2k bounty, knowing I’ll make someone really happy when I come back later and die like an idiot.


I don’t understand.

If it is PvE loot you don’t ‘need’ to go PvP’ing. It is only a convenience, a slightly different way for something.

If it is loot you are only able to get from PvP then you have to go PvP’ing for the special PvP only loot.


i dont believe a PvEr should be forced to PvP to gain an advantage. i am a purist PvEr by preference.

i dont like to be forced to PvP in a game to help PvE progression.

if for example pve loot is only available through pvp then that would be a problem for me.


I would find PvP only loot to be more troublesome.

As it stands right now the value of the loot is questionable if it is worthy of being heavily contested over. The information of what it is, where it is, and when it spawns is not :wink:

If you don’t want to PvP then don’t you will probably only save a fraction of what your total play time would actually have been :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw you are the first in total play time. So yeah…


I don’t believe forcing anyone to PVP is the theory or the practice. There’s certainly incentives, but totally negligible ones. Everything PVP-related is tradeable and pretty widely available.


After alot of fights tonight, and I think @J11 would agree. I think it was way harder to attack a zone than to defend it. Abbe-rations attacking us mid-fight during a charge and the disavantage of not being able to get a proper formation was really hard to manage.

More-over, the bandit status was again really hard to manage. If we don’t want to make the chest a first arrive first serve (first to defend wins) or a first to become bandit lose (re-spawn way further) I think we need some changes.

Elsewhat people will lose interest cause they won’t want to camp for 1+ hours each day and defend. Or it’s just going to become a game of everyone stands by the chest spawn till It spawn and then everyone shoots each other.


If the Wilds is a PvP-zone, and necessary items for potions are in the Wilds, then inherently some level of PvP is forced.


Basically that is exactly what will happen…


Well until i know what the chest has i can neither agree or disagree with that statement.

the real question is… If the chest contains anything which can be PvE progress catalysts then will it be more optimal to get chests or do something else?