Improvements needed for better PVP


this secrecy is kind of sad if you ask me…

I mean in such a small community as this is.


The secrecy has been revealed this morning if you didn’t saw. You might be a bit disappointed. And we really liked the big fights and playing mouse and cats for all that it matters. So yeah now everyone can decide if it’s worth showing up or not :slight_smile:


Unless you accept that PVP-centric folk will have access to those items, then it’s not forced. You can just trade for them.


Oh yes i did see it but that was after i posted my message.

And disapointment about what Exactly ? You’re not very clear about that.


Well, not that many people want a shard to reroll a legendary. So I guess the participants will be fewer in the next days.


The mechanics are just going to take fine tuning, perhaps taking away any special pve weapon or armor stats for PvP would encourage more players to play because of unfair advantages.

Maybe reward players PvP equipment (or PvP dram to purchase PvP equipment/buffs) and PvP classes to level (and retain level) for doing PvP arena. Also to prevent guilds from garrisoning, there should be acid rain or some sort of reset of the zone prior to the chest spawn. The creatures in the wilds could drop PvP equipment too. Maybe also give us a PvP world boss with crazy phases. The boss could have phases where 4 random players that are fighting could get sent to the arena to fight and only one can come back alive to continue the battle.


I mean, I appreciate PVP with unfair advantages, even if that means people fighting me with higher level equipment because I’m not doing shard dungeons.

This does seem like a potential problem. The Trickster chest pulls in some focus, but it’s a very static arrangement. Especially with the place it spawns, there could hardly be a more boring location, no offense. There’s just 1 route, to a flat, open area. I wouldn’t hate having a chest in the desert plateau instead (which still has one entrance, but many vantage points and a more interesting entrance to boot) or the lower clearing in Lamavora (multiple entrances, high ground overlooking it).

I wouldn’t want that, because I’d definitely attack people doing it and they’d take it very personally, far more often than not. Unless you’re talking about a non-open PVP setup, then you’ve just mixed and mashed Tradu guaranteed drops with world bosses, because that’s how PVE fellowships will treat it: throw the fight if it’s not your turn, we’ll keep doing this until everyone’s happy.

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I back this, I loved wiping people with my guild doing this.


Can we make stamina regenerate slower in PvP?
Edit: Maybe this is a bad idea and we need more ways of snaring players.

Currently it’s spray and pray because everyone is hopping around every 1 second and desync is a huge factor. It would be nice if people had to actually dodge and make decisions.

Also DPS has no way of healing so they lose to Warrior/Musketeer basically every time as they dwindle us down.

Can we give Ranger’s other 2 arrows some use?
No one I know are using them ever.

Right now the chest is monopolized by EK/Nox because they have more players every time and numbers win the fight, not gear or skill.

Basically when I see a musketeer in PvP, I click return to graveyard as it saves me a minute of a slow and agonizing death.

Basically a musketeer/warrior shouldn’t be able to have full healing orbs and kill a Ranger… Ranger should have a small healing action which can be overpowered by a musketeer opting into dps orbs or talents.


I honestly agree with a lot of thing in this, Musketeers need to have there heals Nerfed & Slow stamina regen seems like a good idea. Giving the classes a Root/Snare could help out but the real issue is a Warrior still can’t do any damage in PvP vs a moving target and also there shield doesn’t work if the shield user is moving.


I personally think more snares is the way to go. I equally hate and like being unable to get a darn spell to hit Chezil ever lol I think it helps improve me when I’m frantically trying to predict where the next move will be, and appreciate the tension it brings.

Also, this is not the case every time. We were a man down yesterday morning. There were a couple times with roughly even numbers. And then yes a few times we vastly outnumbered poor chezil. It’s really Chezil vs the world out there.


One day, Ill snipe a chest! :wink:


I believe this was after my time on WoW…I played up until the end of cataclysm and quit, the time wasted on raiding was unbearable!


Have you been able to hamstring anyone? People teleport away before I can get off all four swings. Up, right, left, up is pretty awkward while chasing someone. Need to practice it more…

Anyways, I agree with Chezil: warriors are walking targets in PvP. The only reason we survive longer than a couple of seconds is because we’re low priority targets.


I don’t play warrior but are they not able to like:

Shield Bash for the slowing effect
Get a Hamstring combo off

Or does the shield bash not give you enough time?


The slowing effect from shield bash can be effective, but only if the target doesn’t have any stamina - which is entirely possible if they’re running away, but in practice it seems like the stamina regenerates pretty quickly and they can move just enough to avoid a full combo. That said, I don’t use hamstring very often and could probably speed it up with some practice at the test dummy.


I sorta see the emerging meta as the Warriors being the flag/loot carriers (due to charge, shield and increased armor/hp) as well as the ones running interference and slowing enemy targets down for the DPS to polish them off. I believe the devs referred to them as “tacklers” which I think makes some sense. I know when trying to take down a warrior as a runemage, it’s much harder than versus anything other than a prepared musketeer who is spamming self-heals.


My recommendations for balancing;
Warrior - I feel warriors are right where they need to be at. That stun is nasty in a group setting. No more dancing around, a well-placed stun by a warrior is an instagib for anyone other than a musket. They do decent dmg and can survive. Good warriors can be tough 1vs1

Musketeer – They are still ridiculously OP. I was fighting one the other day nailing the musket with spells and the musket had 2 giant spiders and 2 additional mobs on them. I was hitting them with spells and decursing their spells, the cure wounds was healing back up to full every time. I would suggest increasing the healing debuff to 50% and anytime one of their healing buffs get dispelled they either take dmg or get the 50% healing debuff for x number of seconds. Another option would be to lower their health/armor to what a ranger currently is. This might be a better option as it wouldn’t really affect the PvE balance.

Ranger – Make ranger traps able to cc a target where the target can’t move for 3 seconds but can still do actions. Change the smoke arrow to have a blinding effect where the players screen turns extremely dark (80% opacity) for 8 seconds.

Mage – Increase their health/armor. Right now, a t3 fireball crit, poison arrow (non-crit), charged piercing crit can all 1 shot a mage with t10 armor. Allow polymorphs of a player to be polymorphed for a set duration. The polymorphed target will gain hp.

I think the warrior stun was a great addition and really want to see more cc’s in the game. This will force groups to have a more coordinated attack.

Improve Bandit System

‘Can’t move’ abilities fall under the category of stopping/slowing down stamina regeneration.

Polymorphing a player is questionable. If anything it might/should decrease effectiveness of damage/spells/skills/stamina.