Wilds Loot Chest Revealed!


The last four loot chests we’ve grabbed have contained an effervescent shard, so for the time being, it seems that’s what people can expect to find in them.

It’s been fun battling for these chests; we have some talented fighters in Orbus!

Really looking forward to some more PvP improvements coming up.

Happy hunting everyone!

Improvements needed for better PVP

I’m actually a bit disappointed in the loot, was expecting a bit more, not just a single shard (more like wilds materials and such)

But one thing for sure, we had some epic fights to get the chest, and gratz to Nox and EK for getting the chest 4 times in a row :wink:


Thank you for revealing this. Now I know I don’t need to come back to the wilds lol. Not worth it at all in my opinion. But you know what they say about opinions lol.


A what…? O.o (Am I the only clueless one? :smiley: )


It’s the shard that you get if you destroy a legendary weapon, and this is needed to reroll the affixes on legendary weps :wink:


Oh right I just googled it… ok well I hoped it’s something useful for normal mortals, but one time I will get a legendary too, eventually :smiley: .


I wondered if this might be the case when I saw one of those shards on display for sale in Highstepe.


It’s always interesting to see what the community thinks of the value of various things, haha.

At any rate, as I said previously we will rotate through what is in the chest, but generally speaking you can expect to find something of that nature, perhaps a dye, some Wilds materials, etc.


The real reward for me has been the comradery and strategizing with my guildies and with our most excellent friends in EK.


I think the value in very high, but on a niche market. We where estimating the shards value around 50k -100k two days before the chest. I think it is a really nice thing to have more of, but it’s not for everyone for sure.


It’s not that it isn’t a nice reward, but for how often the chest spawns it’s underwhelming. I feel like it should be 2-3 chests per day in each wilds zone. Totaling to 6-9 daily.


That would be a pretty significant amount. It’s almost 17 shards per week, which is a more than reasonable number since it’s just icing on the cake.


I think it is a great reward personally. Even if a person doesn’t want it they can sell it. I can’t think of a more valuable tradable item in the game.


I like it to be random on what is in the shard, it has a chance at a legendary shard 1-3, wilds rare mats x10, assortment of strength, vitality, intellect potions (10 in total), special dyes x4, rare special dragon.


Maybe even make it a mix of all of the stuff like a chest could contain, 1 Legendary shard, 10-15x of a single wilds mat and a few aged potions would make it somewhat worth for groups to contest for it.


Would be fun to move where it is too - top of desert wilds mountain, desert wilds cave, Lucian wilds fishing spot, that other high point in Lucian wilds, etc. Right now people are logging out and just logging in on top of it near the appointed time (which I did too at one point)


I didn’t exactly mean that the loot is not valuable, it’s just that some players were around for hours, without being able to see what it was. Even if I wasn’t trying that hard, I’ve spent close to 5-6 hours trying to get the chest, which is definitely not worth it for a single shard. Now that we know what is the actual content, everyone can decide if they want to fight for the content of the chest, but for me it’s not worth it, I would rather use the time to do some more dungeons :smiley:


I get your point G, but 2 weeks from now there will be a lot less of the player base gathering to get the chest. It will become easier for a small group to grab.
Also, If it was too good it would suck to have a really rare item that was time based. It would basically mean the 9 to 5 crowd would never get a good shot at a really valuable item, because even when the chest does spawn at a good time that is when 50 people will be fighting for it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea but the reward needs to be balanced and I think it currently is, but if it rotated out with a 5 or 10 stack of bloodcaps or sourbells, I wouldn’t be mad.


I do agree with you, though ever since I know what is inside the chest, I feel like I’ve wasted loads of hours trying to figure out what is the content, and in the end it was a bit underwhelming for me to see what it actually contained. I mean, everyone was hyped to figure out what it was, and I don’t think the content was on level with the hype it got. Though you are totally right, if it would be too valuable, it would break the balance of the game.


And for Bishop Romas sake! Can we get it to spawn on a better schedule? The 10 hour rotation thing makes it really inconvenient to participate in some of these events when you have to balance your play time with RL responsibilities. In WoW, the Stranglethorn are a chest Spawned every 3 hours, which gave plenty of people a chance to go after the chest contents.