Wilds Loot Chest Revealed!


The great thing about the current time rotation with in-game time is that it will slowly cycles to different times during the day giving everyone a chance.


I believe their point is that the 9-5 crowd has a worse chance because there’s more people around. You’re right that everyone gets a chance, but people going for the chest during off hours will have less competition.


What do you mean? if it is not spawning on a number that can be multiplied to make 24 then it means that the spawn time every day will shift. I think the devs got it right.


What about a 10 piece puzzle cape?

So you have to get 10 pieces of a cape in order to ‘cash’ it in at a vendor. Each piece will be one of 3 rewards so you aren’t guaranteed a piece of cape or even the a new piece (you may get repeats non tradeable) the other two can be hilarity dram and third a shard or dye. This will make the chest a desired task and the ‘group’ that gets the cape will be seen as the pvp champs… since there is so much babble about who won what.


We won the first 4 chest for sure :smirk: Haha

But yeah fight wise it’s really hard to tell who is the best because of the bandit status thing.


I’m honestly surprised so many people are disappointed about the shard, i cleared more than 100 shard dungeons and never got a legendary (aka no shards), and we collectively already got 4 in 2 days, that’s really awesome imo.


I haven’t done any shards above 5 I think, and I don’t have a legendary, so the reward from that chest is useless to me. I have plenty of dram, I don’t need to sell it to make dram.

That’s why I’m disappointed in it.

In their current state, the Trickster chests have value to (maybe) a quarter of the player base (and that’s assuming all the top tier shard players have indeed got legendary drops or will continue doing shards to get them). Add in people wanting to sell it for dram AND who like pvp, and you can maybe bring that up to half.

I would rather get 4 purple dyes out of that lamavora trickster chest than 1 useless shard.


I agree with Aeonblack6. Disappointing loot. Only people with legendaries can use it and only few people have it. Right now it takes a big team and whole lot of time to get it. I rather the loot be rotating like a bunch of wilds and tradu dyes, bunch of wild materials, evervencence shards, some potions, some cool dragons, special dragon treats, a legendary weapon.


Not sure who got it just now. But I heard that the guy who got it logged out. Seems like we need a fix for that. Maybe can’t log out with the shard in the wilds @Riley_D ?


I was the one that got it, I died, not logged out


Wouldn’t hurt to have the mechanic tho.

To be clear, I am at the job. I am not sure of what happened. Didn’t even had names. I just taught it would be great mechanic to add.


:smiley: 20characters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thats true dunno if thats the case tho


Second time I see that one. What’s the meaning ?


i also heard that it was ek who were the ones who logged


there is a 20 character limit on posts.


what happened was one person got the chest, became bandit as intended, and then died. it then became a game of who could grab his bag fastest, and then run.then it was a guessing game of who has the shard, as there is 0 way to tell. whether or not he had the shard doesnt matter, but one warrior ran away and immediatly logged, as he dissapeared without taking a potion

at this point the chest is a game of who can move their hand fast enough to pick up the bag of whoever had it last, and as there is no way to tell who has it and no way to actually fight people off, there is nothing u can do. massive battles where u can hold a whole area are done, as now it isnt worth all the time. if u become bandit, u lose as u will be sent forever away while everyone is still there. if u do manage to win and grab the shard as a bandit, too bad because now u have a 20 min timer from killing all the people and cant leave.
what to do other than play chicken?


When would that have happen ? Today ? We didn’t even got the shard.

Yesterday you saw Colonel walk with it. And the three before that where uncontested since you guys didn’t know the time. So I don’t know why we would have done that.


dunno because i just walked out the wilds without being attacked


?? wut you talking about? where did that come from?