In game clock (so you don't lost track of time)

I notice a problem with VR is it’s to easy to lose track of time, I think a nice way to fix that would be a clock in your menu.


not sure about vive but oculus menu has a clock on it

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I usually just set an alarm on my phone if its important I keep track of time.

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I’m just opening steam menu to see the time

I would appreciate a clock in the inventory or menu somewhere, just so I can take a peak while still fully in-game. Maybe even include both server time (CST) as well as regional. Eight hours in game sure just fly by! I wonder if we could also have a watch (optional to equip) that displays one or both when we hold up the equipped arm to look at it.

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in the opposite way, i would like to have a Highsteppe clock on menu. i wanna know when is sunrise and sunset.

p.s.its amazing to look up sky and saw clouds coming up, then raining afterward.


I would love to see an in game clock as well for the game time not real time.

This item is on our list of possible future enhancements.

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I’ve been pinning a clock window in Oculus 2.0 Dash thingy to keep track of time, might be something worth looking into before we get a proper in-game one

Pressing 1 button to get to the new rift dekstop solves this for me.

Jian’s request for me too! Most major HMD software offers a clock in their overlay anyway, but an in-game clock, even something as simple as a compass style tool showing night and day would be super useful.

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