Incase you are haveing a hard time casting spells

For the players who are haveing a hard time spell casting, i managed to figure out
that the direction you draw in helps a lot. so I made a quick guide.

Just start at the blue and end at the red for each line you need to draw
Quicks warning though the Portal runes still need work I might be drawing them Wrong
Feedback would be a preheated


Awesome post, this should be really useful for anyone struggling with the runemage. I did have a couple of tips I’d like to add in. Just some things I’ve notice during my experience in game.

When I want to cast the IceBolt I really need to exaggerate the point on the corners of the triangle as seen in the good example below. If I get lazy and round the corners, like in the bad example, I will most often end up with a protection spell.
Good Example:

Bad Example:

I’ve also run into a lot of people having trouble with the first portal rune. I’ve found that it helps when you really elongate the middle portion of the “N”. I usually try to make the middle line 1.5 to 2 times longer than the sides.
Good Example:

Bad Example:

I would also argue that there is a better way to draw the Firebolt rune. I think that, by starting at the bottom and right side of the inner line one is able to draw the rune in a much faster, circular motion. You can see in the full stroke example that it’s all one fluid stroke. You just release the trigger at the red marks and pull the trigger at the blue marks. The dotted line shows the motion where the trigger is not being held down.
Start and End Points:

Full motion:


If I may respond.

Regarding fire bolt: I see why drawing it in a full motion would help But I noticed whenever I start from the bottom i end up with ice bolt alot. I got better results starting from the top.

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That’s interesting. I had the opposite issue starting out. I would be able to cast firebolt almost any time I wanted, but would end up with firebolt instead of icebolt when trying to cast it.

I think the issue is that, when you start from the bottom for firebolt and try to complete it in one circular motion you end up with a motion very similar to that of icebolt. The main difference is that the loop is smaller circling around for the dash on the F for firebolt. Perhaps if you focused on either making sure there was a decent sized gap between the end of the top and the start of the dash or try to dash the F a little higher up you would have better results?

When I get online later I’ll try and reverse the motion of the icebolt when I cast it (starting at red and ending at blue) and see if reversing that motion allows me to cast it with more consistency instead of firebolt since the firebolt motion is ingrained in me now. Y’know, for science :microscope:

I have found that if you draw a 7 but make it look more like a wolf fang than a 7, you can rapid fire frost bolts. :sunglasses:

Would you do me a favor and modify those images to not include the other location runes other than “To Town”? Finding the runes in game for the other locations is part of the fun :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks! Appreciated.

Are these diagrams still accurate? It looks like some of the drawings are different than what the wiki/player journal shows.

No these are not still accurate, the wiki has the latest information currently :slight_smile:

Ah, I really liked the way it had start and end markers to help draw them. Oh well!

If you give me some time i can draw up some for the wiki with “my” recommended start and finish


Cool tip for Frostbolt and Ice Lance: they’re the same rune with 1 stroke difference.

Start of both:
Draw a vertical line starting at the bottom and at the top point continue holding the trigger and with a micro-pause then come down to the right at a wide angle and let go of the trigger. Then…

For Ice Lance draw the matching angled-leftward stroke from the top.
For a Frostbolt draw the angled-rightward stroke from the middle of the vertical line.

Drawing the start like above and then thinking “right for Frostbolt, left for Ice Lance” helped me “chunk” these 2 runes in my memory as 1. Just slightly less to think about in the heat of battle. :wink:

Would it be better to place the drawing on how to do it here? or in the wiki? maybe a dev’s decision.

I also am only making the one ones i personally have mastered with a lot of success.


This is really awesome. This is one thing I have been really looking forward to playing is the mage. Definitely saving these images.